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Lokal Hotel Designed by Jersey Ice Cream Co.

by Grace Bonney


My dream travel situation is one in which the privacy and cushiness of a hotel room is combined with the laid-back kitchen access of a real home. As much as I love a good restaurant, for a lot of us with health issues, cooking our own food makes the unpredictability of travel easier to handle. So I was excited to hear about Lokal, a new boutique hotel in Old City, Philadelphia that focuses on apartment-style suites — designed by Tara and Percy of Jersey Ice Cream Co.!


Lokal co-founders Chad and Courtney Ludeman designed the hotel to work for both short- and long-term guests, providing rooms with separate bedrooms, full (gorgeous) kitchens, living rooms and washer/dryers. The rooms have an open, airy feeling that provides a modern contrast to the historic Old City neighborhood. Jersey Ice Cream Co. employed a mix of vivid blue paint (Seaworthy by Sherwin Williams), vintage furniture and salvage wood to add color and detail to the rooms and make each of the six apartments feel like a unique space.

Read on to learn more about the hotel, see inside the rooms and hear more about the design process from Tara of Jersey Ice Cream Co. [You can check out the hotel online here and contact them about reserving a room]. xo, grace

Photography by Heidi’s Bridge

When Tara and Percy of Jersey Ice Cream Co. set out to design the hotel’s rooms, they ran across many “firsts.” “We found ourselves in a new situation where we had to consider the heavy wear and tear a hotel endures, and the fact that we were designing six units instead of one home,” Tara explains. “Usually you find one or two great living room chairs and you’re done for the project! This time all the vintage hunting was six times what it normally was, which was fun in a way, but naturally more demanding, especially when you’re trying to make the whole hotel be part of the same visual story. On top of that, the worn beat-up chair takes on a new feeling in a hotel (that feeling of, ‘oh man, how many people have sat in this?’) so we really had to consider what story the vintage patina on things was telling. We stuck with our favorite materials (plaster, leather, linen, wood), aimed for a generally neutral palette, and as always, aimed to create a space that we’d want to live in ourselves.”

This stunning headboard is in one of the first rooms finished on the second floor of Lokal. Each room is named after famous Philadelphia residents throughout history, so this room is the “Betsy” [Ross].


The biggest changes made during the renovation process were opening up rooms to make the layouts loft-style with plenty of natural light and room for living rooms and kitchens.




Seaworthy by Benjamin Moore was the perfect blue/green to use in each space, adding a bold splash of color to each neutral-toned room.


Chad and Courtney of Lokal wanted to use a “mix of vintage, direct-to-consumer and custom locally made pieces,” they explained. So Jersey Ice Cream Co. handled all of the vintage furniture buying and also worked with some with local vendors to find the right pieces. They sourced from larger companies like Article, CB2, Crate & Barrel, Casper and Parachute to fill the rest of the spaces because the owners, “wanted some quality pieces that people could go home and buy easily.”


About a half dozen local craftsmen created the leather cushions, islands, cabinets, vanities and concrete counters in the rooms, adding to the mix of local, found and store-bought designs.

170225_LokalHotel_Floor1-9 170225_LokalHotel_Floor1-10 170225_LokalHotel_Floor1-11   170225_LokalHotel_Floor1-18

The clawfoot tubs were a new (old) addition to the rooms, painted black for a modern feel.


Brass accents were used throughout the rooms to brighten things up.


Each room comes stocked with an in-house guide of where to eat, shop, visit and sight-see, so locals can spend plenty of time out in Philadelphia before coming back to rest in their room.

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  • Beautiful! What is the wood flooring? Looking for something similar so would love to know…. Thx.

    • It is 7.25″ wide white oak flooring with Bona Natura finish. We got it from local Provenance Companies.

  • This is amazing. With food allergies forever growing I think this is a great concept for hotels to start implementing. The rich blue color that they chose works perfectly with the space. It brings a sense of calm to the room.

  • Stunning!! Now I know what color to paint my dining room. That blue looks incredible in every light pictured. Thanks for always featuring gorgeous spaces, Grace and team!

    • Thanks! They’re chrome industrial faucets from Chicago Faucets and T&S that have been stripped back to brass.

  • We are so, so, so excited that our lighting was part of this amazing project. Always so grateful to work with amazing people on awesome projects! – xx Triple Seven Home

    • Vintage from eBay. My personal favorites of all time! Sad to see them go, but they sure look great in there.

  • I love the kitchen cabinets! Do you mind telling me who makes them and did you paint them yourselves or send out to be sprayed?

    • Thanks! I believe the cases are IKEA with custom fronts that got a factory SW finish, but Chad or Ethan will have to chime in with specifics.

      • Yes, the guts are from IKEA and we had the fronts and wraps made locally to Percy’s specs and a factory Sherwin Williams finish. A bit of extra coordination, but the end result was great and much less than fully custom.

  • I’ve been toying with the idea of blue cabinets and now I’m sold! Love it!

    • Thanks! They’re chrome industrial faucets from Chicago Faucets and T&S that have been stripped back to brass.

  • Gorgeous, as always! Jersey Ice Cream & Co have an amazing sense of design and colors. I would trust them blindly to re-do my whole house!
    Also – could I please know where to find that gorgeous towel ring (on the photo before last)?

  • That blue/green makes me crazy in such a good, good way. I painted my bedroom a similar color and it makes me so happy. Color makes such a huge difference.
    The simplicity of everything is so inspiring. I gotta get rid of the clutter and do a strong edit.

  • I love Jersey Icecream Co.’s projects. That blue green colour is so beautiful. Wish I could get Benjamin Moore paints here in Australia.

    • Thank you! The paint is actually a Sherwin Williams color, and it looks like they do indeed sell to Australia! Still might be difficult to find though.

      • Could you tell us what color paint from the Sherwin William’s was used on the cabinetry?

  • The gray-ish walls are beautiful. What technique / colors were used to create the walls in the pictures?

  • Beautiful overall look, though what a shame to leave the kitchen outlet plates in white plastic! Draws your eye right to them, even though there is lots of other delicious stuff to look at.

  • So we’ll done with the perfect mix of classic and current. Where is the butterscotch Leather couch from?

  • I love love love the plastered walls. They make me want to take a plastering course. Did you apply a tint to them? Could you share your plaster source or mixing formula?