Let’s Talk About Pom Poms

by Grace Bonney


Growing up, pom poms were something I ran away from at all costs. I associated them with little kids and I wanted to seem as grown up as possible. So while all my friends were having fun attaching them to their backpacks and shoes, I was trying to convince myself that what I really wanted was all-black everything and no fuzzy detailing. But now that I’m 35 and (mostly) know better than to worry about how old or young I seem, I feel ready to give them another shake. And thankfully, they’re everywhere right now. From fluffy shoe toppers and bag decorations to cushy blankets and pillows, pom poms are popping up everywhere in the design world and I’m ready to say YES. So today I’m celebrating 12 of my favorite pom pom designs to bring a little color and fun into these grey winter months. xo, grace

Image above, clockwise from top left: Pom Pom Basket $98, Moroccan Cote d’Azur Pillow Sham $275, Orange Pom Pom Earrings $198, Pom Pom Sneakers $100, Pom Pom Bag Charm $35, Pom Pom Storage Bins $58+, Pom Pom Earrings $58, Pom Pom Clutch $250, Pom Pom Blanket $495


Images above: Left, Sian Keegan’s “Pom Pom” fabric pattern $10.50 per yard at Spoonflower, Right, Pom Pom Curtains $78+ at Anthropologie


Image above: Pom Pom Pillow $20

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  • Yes – love this trend so much! I like that it’s moved away from feeling childish into really chic. Actually I just posted on my blog today an easy DIY rainbow pom pom necklace, I just can’t get enough!

  • I love pom poms! They’re so cute and adorable and so fun. I absolutely love those sneakers, a pair kinda looked like that one is on my wishlist.

  • OMG. This made my whole day. I just want to live in a pom-pom world. Let’s TALK about Pom-poms!

  • LOL! I’m a good deal older than you, Grace, and in my dotage I’m also eschewing all-black, strictly black-and-white, monochrome and anything else that signals “Sophisticate.” So, pour on color and happy -making details like pom poms. I trimmed my mid century mod kitchen cafe curtains with poms. And now, onto toss pillows.

  • I have a beautiful vintage bedspread given to me by my grandmother, but sadly the pom poms are starting to fall off. Can anyone recommend a place to buy replacement pom poms for a fabric blanket? Any leads would be appreciated!

    • Stephanie, I’ve seen pompoms at most places that sell craft supplies (I used to buy them for my cats as toys). And fabric stores will have pompom trim. And then there are always the online behemoths. But you’ll probably want to take an existing one to a store where you can actually look at something that will work as a replacement.

      good luck!