Our Team Resolutions for 2017

by Grace Bonney


I’ve gone back and forth over the years with the concept of resolutions. Some years I love to list them out, make a mood board and really focus myself on intentions for the coming months. Then some years I feel like throwing up my hands and just taking the year as it comes, trying to find lessons and learning opportunities as they unfold. But this year our team decided to get together to pause, look back at the year before and then work together to help each other stay true to our goals this year, no matter how big or small. To make things even more fun, we coupled our resolutions with pictures from our childhood. Hopefully my pigtails (above) can give you a little morning laugh. What are your resolutions, goals or intentions for the coming year? xo, grace


In 2017, my resolution is to make more time for my family. After spending many years abroad, I’ve missed out on so much. —Kristina (me and my aunt above)


After finishing chemotherapy in February, I want to focus on being the healthiest I can be both physically and mentally. I also hope to become a one-on-one counselor for those recently diagnosed with blood cancer.Garrett


My New Year’s resolution is to spend way more time with my women friends and to make more of them. I want to build snow women with them, draw with them and finally help build a Habitat for Humanity house with them in the spring! 2017 is going to be a full-on female festival for my daughter and I, and we can’t wait!Caitlin


I will continue to work towards forfeiting my need to control everything in my life — whether work or personal. I often waste time worrying about the future outcome of an event, instead of celebrating the potential for something unexpected (and even wonderful) to happen.Kelli


This year I want to work harder to do more of the things I really want to do and fewer of the things I think people want/expect me to. People always say that your 30s are for figuring out what you really want out of life, and now that I’m 35 I’m finally starting to get the hang of actually taking those leaps and asking for/doing the things that make me happiest. —Grace


My resolution for 2017 is to believe more in what I can do than what I think I can’t do. I want to empower myself to be healthier, more focused and much more creative this coming year. —Lauren


My resolutions in 2017 are to not become complacent, to stay focused on fighting for what is right, and giving more of my time to volunteering for causes I believe in. Personally, I want to try to remember the journey rather than the destination and continue to practice patience with myself and others.Rebekah


My dad did what he loved his entire life. His sudden passing six months ago made me truly understand the importance of pursuing my own passions now — not later. That’s what I wish to work toward in 2017, even when it feels scary or challenging!Sofia


In 2017, I will set aside time each week for personal sketching and figure out how to project my voice. –Bethany


I could say my New Year’s resolution is to be more active, but for 2017, my only step goal is to step back and celebrate my accomplishments more. I tend to move too quickly from one project to the next and then be hard on myself when I feel like I’m not doing enough. I’m looking into getting a Passion Planner to help me document my progress. –Quelcy

I hope to be more present in 2017, for my family, my friends and those in my community. It’s easy to get caught up in your own world, but I hope to step out of my own space and give back more.Erin

This year I am going to finally take some of my own advice (or at least try very hard to).Adam JK

2016 was a tough one. This coming year, I’ll be approaching changes with a positive outlook, recognizing opportunities to do good even on bad days.Annie

Even though I fell short of so many of my 2016 resolutions, I can recognize that I’m a better person for setting goals. I have high hopes for myself in 2017 and will resolve to stop comparing my greatest weaknesses to others’ strengths, to be more consumer conscious, and to floss every single day! —Tawnee

The main things I kept putting off in 2016 I will face and make great strides for in 2017, from learning all the ins and outs of my deejaying equipment and wiring to being completely consistent with my healthy habits (eating foods that make my body happy and working out routinely). —Gigi

I resolve to not be so hard on myself. Because my greatest creative moments happen when I’m having fun, not when I’m seeking perfection. —Liberty

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  • I love that you shared this…

    The words I chose for this year, are bliss, ease & nourish.

    I will be working towards slow & simple; creating a life that is sustainable, and full of the things & people I love.

    (I also think I definitely need to add flossing everyday in here, thanks for the idea Tawnee) ♡

  • Wait wait wait, no one else has commented yet on tiny Grace as Drew Barrymore lookalike? Adorable!

    And on a content note, I do really appreciate reading other people’s resolutions for inspiration and as a reality check that we’re all working hard to make the journey we’re each making.

  • My resolutions for this year is to be more kind to myself, to eat healthier, to not follow people that make me feel envious or bad and to try to only work with clients that respect my habilities and creativity.