10 Winter Wallpapers from Spoonflower

by Grace Bonney

In the small town where we live in New York, winter is a somewhat divisive topic. Locals who have spent their whole lives here wear their knowledge of driving in snow and ice like a badge of pride, where some of the newer locals (like us) are still getting used to the idea of snow tires, digging out your car, icing your walkway every day and bundling up in 4+ layers to walk your dog in sub-freezing temperatures. Most days I’m 100% in favor of snowy winter days, but every now and then I understand why some people escape to Florida or somewhere beachy when the greyest days set in.

So rather than escape south, this year I’m trying to embrace wintery themes — and find ways to embrace them creatively, too. Spoonflower has a great selection of fabric and wallpaper (often times you can get the same pattern in both forms) that celebrate winter, so today I’m sharing 10 of my favorite, from frolicking winter animals to modern snowflake prints. I hope they’ll perk up your winter walls — or add a little winter feel if you’re in a place that doesn’t always get snow. xo, grace

Image above: Winter Woodlands Pinecones Blush Pink by Hang Tight Studio $60 per roll

Image above: Winter Star by Andrea Lauren $60 per roll

Image above: Monochrome Winter Floral by Elizabeth Ivie $60 per roll

Image above: Crystalized Snowflakes by Gina Koston

Image above: Light Blue Waves by Kirsten Logan $60 per roll

Image above: Icy Gray Ikat by Mary Baltzell $60 per roll

Image above: Winter Animals by Andrea Lauren $60 per roll

Image above: Snowflakes in Black and Tan by Captive in Florida by Jane Eskay Waldmann $60 per roll

Image above: Midwinter Silver by Alex Morgan $60 per roll

Image above: Woodland Winter Toile by Esther Fallon Lau $60 per roll

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