10 Cozy Rugs for Winter

by Grace Bonney

Last week we pulled our propane bill off of our front door and I nearly passed out. It looks like slowly tipping the heater warmer and warmer finally caught up with me, and it’s time to cut back and put on a few more layers. Our floors are old (our house was built in the mid 1800s) and are mostly over an unfinished dirt-floor basement, so they let a lot of cold air in. So I’ve been thinking about adding a few more shaggy, cozy rugs to warm up our feet and help with the drafts (don’t worry, we’re working on fixing the drafty doors/windows/floors, too). Some of these are soft and wintery in hue and others are a bright jolt of electric color that might help warm things up when you’re piling on another blanket. xo, grace

Top image: Blue Azilal rug at Coco Carpets $1,800. Image directly above: Justina Blakeney’s Kalliope Collection for Loloi

Image above: Huxley Wool Rug $698+ at Serena & Lily

Image above: Aldana Rug $98+ at Anthropologie

Image above: Mont Wool Shag Rug $149 – $1199 at West Elm

Image above: Macramé Wool Rug $298.00 – $1,498.00 at Serena & Lily

Image above: Ryland Wool Rug $198.00 – $2,498.00 at Serena & Lily

Image above: Moroccan Cross Rug $128+ at Anthropologie

Image above: Ivory Shag Area Rug by Viv + Rae $53.99

Image above: Vintage Ourika rug from Morocco $632 at Etsy

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  • Beautiful rugs – btw, as an owner of an (older, 1970’s) ficer-upper home, I highly recommend re-insulating your attic and basement. This has helped with the cold temps in the house. I switched out from oil heat to an electric heat pump and my first electric bill nearly gave me a heart attack. Re-insulating has definitely helped.

  • Hi Bonnie. Thank you for this post… we also get plenty of drafts in our home and we have the old wall & floor heaters that need repairing. So its cold. I had been researching how rugs can help with the floor drafts. Your selection of rugs are so unique and beautiful – I hope to find one from what you suggested. :-) ps – I enjoy your posts.

  • Oh so timely! I’ve had the same problem this winter with slowly inching up the temperature. Our house still has a functioning oil fired furnace that’s easily 40 years old, so while the oil is expensive and bad for the environment, we’re waiting for it to die before we upgrade.

    We bought the braided wool rug from Serena & Lily, and while it does feel heavenly, it’s really hard to clean. I would imagine the macrame rug would have the same challenge.

  • As someone living in Gatineau, Québec I can say that the winter cold can be a major downer. Even with a wood stove that we crank from fall till spring, the floors can be challenging. Unless I cook up a storm, the kitchen can be the coldest space for us to be in. It’s on the corner of our house. It has a patio door that let’s in lots of light but in early winter mornings, when the day is still dark, it’s not a warm welcome to start the day. It’s so cold that I often consider renos so that our pantry would be on the cool exterior side of the house.

    In the meantime, I got tired of feeling punished for standing there to make coffee, school lunches, and even dinner later. I guess we should make a habit of wearing slippers like in Europe but on an impulse (and before the trend), I pulled my Persian rug from the living room floor and dragged it in in the kitchen for what I thought would be just a few hours. It felt so decadent! 8 years later it’s still there, working hard and still looking great. I never looked back. I just need more! :) Sadly they are expensive! If they aren’t, they are too small or not made to last. I miss the years when rugs were affordable but I’m not giving up yet. Love the selection above!