10 Perfect Pink Bedrooms

by Annie Werbler

Whether you’ve been reading this site for years or are visiting for the first time today, it’s clear that pink is our most favorite color around these parts. From bright blush to dusty rose and just a tinge of coral, we’ve rounded up 10 bedrooms from the archives that celebrate beautiful variations in hue. As our #DSPink hashtag challenge shows, tones range from calming neutrals to neon focal points. They are abundantly found in the natural world as well as on the sleekest modern finishes. Check out this selection of pink spaces that are sure to both relax and excite. —Annie

10 Perfect Pink Bedrooms, on Design*Sponge
We found 15 Rooms That Make Wall-to-Wall Carpet Shine, and the coziness of this pink bedroom makes the less-than-popular floor treatment something to reconsider.
10 Perfect Pink Bedrooms, on Design*Sponge
From 12 High-Style Spaces in Virginia and West Virginia, a blush Quirk Gallery hotel bedroom was decorated by color-loving artists.
10 Perfect Pink Bedrooms, on Design*Sponge
A homemade banner, Sri Lankan tapestry, and plush accents fill this room for sisters whose parents are Hitting “Refresh” on a 1920s-Era Bungalow.
10 Perfect Pink Bedrooms, on Design*Sponge
David Alhadeff of The Future Perfect coats his walls in a saturated bubblegum tone that creates a warm glow his classic industrial loft apartment.
10 Perfect Pink Bedrooms, on Design*Sponge
A traditional floral motif, Paris Rose Pink wallpaper by Cath Kidston provides bursts of color in a traditional bedroom belonging to Joyce of Rosa Blu.
10 Perfect Pink Bedrooms, on Design*Sponge
North of South and East of West, an Oasis of Warmth and Style in Minneapolis contains this sweet bedroom for two girls covered in a patchwork of pink flowers, stripes, and sari fabric.
10 Perfect Pink Bedrooms, on Design*Sponge
The guest room of A Seaside Summer Home in New York mixes bold and understated pinks alike.
10 Perfect Pink Bedrooms, on Design*Sponge
Allison Julius of Maison 24 loves the cozy womb of a bedroom where the pink light casts a vibrant glow on luxurious textures.
10 Perfect Pink Bedrooms, on Design*Sponge
David Stark’s Brooklyn Home features an icy pink bedroom that changes color depending on the natural light at any given time of day.
A Crown Heights Family Makes It Work, in Style in the daughter's room incorporating both heart decals and a vintage Moroccan boucherouite.

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  • I really want to start incorporating more pink into my room, this has definitely given me some ideas – thanks!

    – Natalie

  • Yes! Now I know why I love this blog so much! You all and I have the same favorite color! I am drawn to ANY design that incorporates pink. Thank you for this post.

  • Virtually all of my life I would have never admitted to liking pink, and yet I painted my shop walls pink, and now recently I painted my bedroom a softer shade. It’s such a warm, glowing, enveloping color I don’t ever want to leave the room.

  • I so very much enjoy and admire your site. But I have to say that the fur draped on the bed in the first picture is heartbreaking, not stylish. Have you ever seen pictures from the fur industry? It’s a barbaric practice. Please be careful not to make fur seem glamorous.

  • DS is one of my absolute favorites and this post is really beautiful, but as Melissa pointed out, the fur on the bed is really a turn-off.