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Inspiring Words from In the Company of Women: Kate Bornstein

by Grace Bonney


Kate Bornstein is one of the people I turn to (both in writing and through amazing social media updates) on a regular basis for inspiration, advice and — most importantly — the courage to speak up. Having Kate’s story in our new book, In the Company of Women, means the world to me and I’m thrilled to share Kate’s words here today to start the day on the right foot — with introspection, questions and hopeful curiosity. xo, grace

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  • Grace, a friend sent me a link to your interview with maria forleo wherein you discussed your recent T1D diagnosis. I’m about your age and was also diagnosed this past February. It’s super tough! Like you, and probably most people for that matter, I previously knew nothing about T1 diabetes. Thank you for using your voice to speak to it and for sharing a bit about your struggle with it. I especially appreciated what you had to say about allowing yourself space and honesty to be ‘not okay’ for a bit. It’s empowering to hear that from someone so accomplished. Cheers and good health to you!