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Free Pattern Download from Illustrator Penelope Dullaghan

by Caitlin Kelch


Since the orange leaves are starting to swirl in the late October wind here on the east coast, we thought we’d begin the day with some inspiration pulled from that energetic palette, courtesy of talented illustrator, Penelope Dullaghan. Grace found (and fell in love with) Penelope’s work through Instagram, so I reached out to her a few months ago for a We Want Your Job interview. We’ve been pen pals ever since and my daughter, Viola, joins me weekly to visit her site and feed for a dose of uplifting color and the smiles that follow.

Penelope makes her home in Indianapolis, IN and walks down by the river behind her house every day.  We both have daughters with names that start with the letter V, and I’m pretty sure she may be my spirit artist. Her print, Elephant Strength, hangs in our home as a reminder of how strong women are, even when V & I are feeling more like tiny mice. We’ll be sharing a pattern from Penelope here each morning this week, and I hope you’ll download them to use on your desktop and device as wallpaper to bring you as much joy as they bring us! You can follow her on Instagram here. Thanks again to Penelope for creating these for all of us! –Caitlin

Download today’s patterns here (vertical) and here (horizontal)! *Please note these patterns are for personal use only.

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