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14 Small Space Journeys to Follow on Instagram

by Bethany Joy Foss

Most of us are familiar with the tiny house movement that has been sweeping across the U.S., which satiates the desire for an affordable and ecologically friendly lifestyle. An attempt to clarify an overwhelmed life, accompanied by the financial pressure of the last decade, makes a small living space an attractive solution that often connects an indoor routine with an outdoor one. But finding solace in simplicity is far from a new idea. Henry Thoreau wrote in Walden; or, Life in the Woods in 1854, “I went into the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived.” Additionally, artists and designers have been considering alternative living spaces in structure and form for a long time through studies like the Keret House installation in Poland, “House in a Suitcase” by Eva Prats and Ricardo Flores, Philip Johnson’s Glass House or disaster housing to aid in crisis.

Many of us wish to express our lives at home as a meaningful self-portrait of our souls — craving to live a fulfilled and well-designed life. Small spaces often allow a return to simplicity, but simple doesn’t mean unsubstantial. In fact, I think it is the opposite. Simplicity at home becomes about organization and balance in life and possessions and a challenge to make use of every inch with purpose.

This lifestyle isn’t for everyone, but we can all learn a little bit from those who choose live with a minimal footprint. Maybe it just means making small changes that transform your space in a big way or assessing basic needs at home. Perhaps it is as manageable as transforming a cozy room with a dark color or organizing that overflowing closet. Check out a few of my favorite small space Instagrammers that combine grit and romance, sharing their lives on and off the road in under 1,200 square feet. —Bethany Joy Foss

Small Space Instagrammers on Design*Sponge
Inspired by a six-month road trip in a VW bus, Natasha Lawyer and Brett Bashaw of @tincanhomestead share renovating a vintage airstream and their Washington country life. The carefully curated warm tones are reminiscent of retro photography, seasoned with simple pleasures and a good eye.
Small Space Instagrammers on Design*Sponge
Mandy and Kevin of @188sqft are taking a road trip across the United States this November 2016 through September 2017. Follow along with their renovated "fifth wheel" and four pets as they live the dream of being on the road full-time. (Tour their camper home through our Before & After here!)
Small Space Instagrammers on Design*Sponge
Kate, Ellen and their daughter Adelaide of @birchandpine have fallen in love with restoring vintage airstreams, small living and life on the road. Check out a full tour of their vintage airstream and new adventures with airstream renovations on @birchandpineairstream
Small Space Instagrammers on Design*Sponge
@whitneyleighmorris writes about her 362-square-foot home/office/studio on her blog and shares a beautifully curated gallery that invites followers along on preparations for their new baby boy. Check out Whitney and Adam’s home tour from a couple years ago and see how their small space has transformed over time.
Small Space Instagrammers on Design*Sponge
Tereasa and David of @campwandawega have restored a historic Wisconsin site that hosts camps, workshops and getaways. The camp boasts a colorful history and incredibly unique, small spaces like the treehouse, bunkhouse, log cabins and teepees that live out all the magic of a Moonrise Kingdom adventure.
Small Space Instagrammers on Design*Sponge
Julie Puckett and her husband share life on the road in their 200-square-foot bus. @house_bus documents their daily lives with optimism and a weekly feature captures other inspirational small spaces on #tinyhousetuesday. See the full tour of the house bus over here.
Small Space Instagrammers on Design*Sponge
@sgardnerstyle creates dusky dream scenes as she transforms her little bungalow in Sacramento with her wife, children and Great Dane, Callie. #thecottagebungalow is full of rich layers of bohemian inspired textures and color combinations.
Small Space Instagrammers on Design*Sponge
@yoav.kafets posts quiet, serene moments as a woodworker and van dweller. The charm of his space and simple journey encourages a hand-crafted, slow and simple life.
Small Space Instagrammers on Design*Sponge
A mother shares the whimsical space of her 3-year-old daughter in a tiny house on @blogsachi. The sweet gallery follows her amusements and dreamland routine.
Small Space Instagrammers on Design*Sponge
Author of the book "Simple Matters," Erin Boyle of @readtealeaves shares her #lifeinatinyapartment in Brooklyn with her husband and kids. Erin believes that living simply and honestly is something everyone can achieve regardless of square footage.
Small Space Instagrammers on Design*Sponge
@tbrottura_nychomedesigns_ expresses her creativity at home with her husband and dreams of being an interior designer in her little New York apartment.
Small Space Instagrammers on Design*Sponge
At 550 square feet, @amiraelgawly shares her home in Washington, D.C. with thoughts on organization, living clutter-free and learning balance while on sabbatical.
Small Space Instagrammers on Design*Sponge
Juley Le, lifestyle blogger and business developer out of New Orleans, wants to shift away from the perfectly curated life and share a work-in-progress in her business and at @juleytl. Take a look at her 700-square-foot home tour posted this year.
Small Space Instagrammers on Design*Sponge
Our own Rebekah Carey and her husband created the #bittyberkeleybungalow in her Grandma’s 1905 garage. Follow @aandbcreative as their bright and lighthearted story unfolds.

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