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Studio Tour: Sakura Bloom

by Garrett Fleming

Founder of Studio Matsalla Interiors, Vanessa Matsalla has built quite the name for herself by crafting the look of homes and studios throughout California’s beach towns. While every client wants something a bit different, they each come to Vanessa because of her dynamite aesthetic. She describes her look as “eclectic/coastal,” and brings together multiple patterns, textiles and colors in a way that captures both grooviness and refinement.

The more refined side of Vanessa’s aesthetic can be seen in her design for San Diego’s Sakura Bloom. She helped the brand — which specializes in baby slings — set up shop in the dreamiest of places: a gazebo! Surrounded by tropical greenery, the location of the studio was undoubtedly ideal. When Vanessa first saw the space, though, its interior was in pretty bad shape. In order for it to embody Lynne Banach’s company’s “modern and cozy” vibe, it was clear to Vanessa that the gazebo was going to need a total overhaul. That being said, she gutted it so she’d have a clean slate to work with.

After construction was completed, Vanessa went about painting the studio’s interior white, filling it with streamlined furniture, and peppering the workspaces inside with minimal accessories. All three of these moves capture the modern aesthetic Lynne was looking for, but more importantly, make the space all about Sakura Bloom’s products. The brand’s colorful collection of baby slings stands out and becomes the space’s pièce de résistance when set against the recessive, white background.

In the end, Vanessa says Sakura Bloom’s headquarters space was a “dream to design,” and after taking a look at the results I’m sure you’ll see why. Not only is the location completely unique, but now that Vanessa has revived the ramshackle gazebo, a sense of serenity emanates from the studio. It goes without saying, but you have to click through to explore this oasis. It’s a one-of-a-kind studio that can’t be missed.—Garrett

Photography by Molly Jean

Studio Tour: Sakura Bloom, Design*Sponge
The charming headquarters for Sakura Bloom are situated in Leucadia, San Diego. "They were looking for a laid-back, light and bright workspace that was modern and cozy with clean lines," Interior Designer Vanessa Matsalla says.
Studio Tour: Sakura Bloom, Design*Sponge
Sakura Bloom's employees often sit in the outdoor workspace and enjoy the garden as they work from their laptops. Outdoor furniture by IKEA.
Studio Tour: Sakura Bloom, Design*Sponge
The studio's exterior details.
Studio Tour: Sakura Bloom, Design*Sponge
When the windows or doors are open, a soft breeze from Moonlight Beach envelopes the space. The chair is from LexMod and is accompanied by a custom desk from Timber Library.
Studio Tour: Sakura Bloom, Design*Sponge
Vanessa wanted to create the illusion that the employees were working from home. To do so, both West Elm desks were paired with Cedar & Moss sconces, "giving each space a really cozy feeling."
Studio Tour: Sakura Bloom, Design*Sponge
Sakura Bloom's signature baby slings hang "delicately" around the office.
Studio Tour: Sakura Bloom, Design*Sponge
"Crafted of fine, all-natural fibers, Sakura Bloom slings infuse lush textiles with a minimalist, modern design." (Source: Sakura Bloom)

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