Design*Sponge Turns 12: The Lessons I’ve Learned

by Grace Bonney

I’m not someone who takes time to stop and appreciate accomplishments. For the past 11 years, I’ve celebrated Design*Sponge’s birthday with a brief recognition (“Oh, that’s today!“), a few thoughtful moments, and then plowing forward onto the next task, never taking a moment to really soak in what this site has meant to me or to people in our community. But this year is different.

This year I was diagnosed with a life-changing chronic disease and suddenly everything — every day, every minute, every person — feels different. I have never been more present in my life than in this year and I am so thankful for that, because this year I get to celebrate Design*Sponge’s 12th birthday in a way that is slow, meaningful, reflective and with pride. One of my biggest fears is that if I stop and let myself feel proud of something, I will become too prideful to keep doing good work. I don’t ever want to lose sight of the fact that this website’s goal is to be a home and a voice for happiness, inspiration, community and inclusion.


While that fear drives me, I’m also reminded that life is short. And if I don’t stop and appreciate the good along with the challenging, I’m missing the point. So this year I’m reflecting on 12 things I’m proud of, have learned from, or truly appreciate about Design*Sponge so far. I’m also sharing some of our old website designs above and below (in light of a redesign coming this fall — yay!), so whether you’re new to the site or a longtime reader, you can enjoy a little blast from the past. I still miss those ribbons.


Read on for the full post and if you’re stopping here, please know just how much I appreciate you and everyone here for supporting this website. We are a small, dedicated and hardworking team, and each and every one of us is proud of what we do here and is so thankful to be able to share it with you all every day. Thank you for reading, thank you for talking, and thank you for being here to enjoy the ride with us. xo, grace 

*Images above, D*S circa 2004 and 2006. Revisit our 2007, 2008, 2011 and 2013 redesigns after the jump!


Design*Sponge circa 2007


What I’ve Learned

  • Mistakes will always happen. There is no perfect place in business where everything stays the same and hurdles never appear. As your business grows and achieves, the hurdles just get bigger and more complex. I used to think that by working harder and achieving more, I could get to a plateau where that doesn’t happen. But if even if you and your business don’t change, the landscape around you will. So accepting that I will make a few big blunders now and then, but hopefully still learn from them, has been a valuable lesson.
  • The best and most challenging part of my job are people. Both the best and worst decisions I’ve made at Design*Sponge revolve around people. I am not a natural-born boss, and I’ve struggled to find my boundaries and voice as a leader. I have a hard time letting go, a hard time delegating and an even harder time knowing when it’s time to move on and end a working relationship. I regret not being braver and more direct in my earlier days and regret being a bit overly so in more recent days as I learn to protect myself and set new boundaries with compassion. I’m always (always) working on this part of a job, but am so grateful that it’s a constant reminder that I have a lot to learn and room to grow and improve. And those best moments with people? Those are the ones that make me happy to get up, open my laptop and get to work. I do what I do here for them as much as myself. Knowing that working hard and tackling big projects means getting to support people who feel like family is the greatest feeling ever.
  • If I’m not feeling inspired, I’m not trying hard enough. I spent a lot of time a few years ago complaining that I felt uninspired by new designs in the creative community. While yes, some of the things I was seeing at trade shows and in the media were less than mind-blowing, I also lacked real ownership in terms of what I was exposing myself to and the work I was (or wasn’t) putting into finding new sources of inspiration. There is always (ALWAYS!) plenty of new/exciting/different inspiration to find IF you step out of what you already know. I expected to see something unexpected in all my usual haunts and that’s my fault. Now I’ve learned that to find something that feels different, I have to look harder, search further and make it MY job to find people, places and products that are coming from a different background or point of view.
  • Numbers are nice, but meaningful connections are forever. I’m proud of being part of a website that has maintained a large and steady audience over 12 years, but I’m more proud of the individual emails, comments and messages we’ve received. Traffic reports, retweets and likes are great treats to get along the way, but the older I get, the more I find myself craving and appreciating something more nourishing. And for me, that’s a one-on-one connection. Whether it’s between me and a team member or a member of our community or a total stranger on social media, those moments of connection (and I don’t mean in a networking sense) and understanding, empathy, shared joy or sadness — any and ALL of them are what I will carry with me over the years as I start new chapters and tackle new challenges. It’s easy to fall into a trap of caring more about “branding” and “scaling” (not that either are inherently bad) than connection, and I work every day on making sure those connections are my top priority.


Design*Sponge circa 2008. This was the version of the site people responded to the most positively. I love all that texture, but it was not kind to load times. 


What I’m Proud Of

  • Running a business for 12 years that pays, respects and values its employees and never loses sight of how important it is to work harder and be better every day. It is NOT easy to stay independent and pay a team a fair wage. It would be easier if we took every sponsored post that came our way or gave into the trend of paying people based solely on the traffic they bring in. But those aren’t decisions that feel in-line with our values and so we choose to run a (very) tight ship, focus on supporting our team as much as possible, and continue to value quality over quantity. I’ve never wanted to sell D*S, take investment money or bring on unpaid interns/writers/team-members because I’m afraid of this little home we’ve built together ever being turned into something it’s not. So the fact that we’ve stayed true to what we believe in, learned from our mistakes, and continue to push harder every year to produce free, original content that celebrates everyone reading makes me very proud.
  • Helping small businesses get off the ground: Whether it was the original Biz Ladies series of 2008 or the weekly advice column here on the site, I am so glad that we’ve made supporting the people behind the products a priority.
  • We’re always trying something new: Even if it is a little ahead of its time or doesn’t take off the way we want, we’re always trying to stretch our skills and produce something different. I produced my first (super low-quality) podcast 10 years ago, we launched a web shop and scholarship in 2007, a traveling Biz Ladies series in 2008, a book in 2011 and a 30-city book tour, a newspaper in 2012 and 2013, another podcast in 2012, and we have a new book coming out this fall. Our team is never afraid to dive in and try something fun and challenging, and I’m so happy this is a part of our work culture here at D*S.
  • This site has allowed not just me, but our team, to live out some lifelong dreams. Whether it’s writing books or meeting our personal idols, this blog has connected each of us in ways we never expected and has allowed for some incredible moments. Meeting Michelle Obama, Nikki Giovanni, Laura Jane Grace and Martha Stewart will remain in my head and heart forever. Those moments would not have happened without Design*Sponge.
  • Showing my future children that a young woman (or any young person) can achieve great things by working hard, working together and working to uplift others. My deepest desire in life is to be a parent, and with that not too far around the corner, I spend a lot of time thinking about the child, or children, that Julia and I will adopt and how to set the best example for them that I can. I remember how inspired I was by my Dad starting his own business and I hope our children will be inspired by seeing both of their mothers, and their mothers’ friends and co-workers, run their own businesses and succeed. I do this job every day because I love it, and because I love my co-workers and our community. But now, more than ever, I do it because I want to create something that has meaning and worth, to not just help support our family but to inspire our youngest members to dream big.

2011 copy

Design*Sponge circa 2011. I miss this design so much. People grew to love it (after vocally hating it) and sites across the web got darker, but eventually those visual ribbon elements took such a huge toll on our site loading time, which is always an issue for image-heavy sites like ours.


What I Appreciate

  • Your patience. I’m far from a perfect person and D*S is not a perfect website. I have made countless mistakes over the years, some more public than others, that I regret and have done my best to learn from. And throughout them all, so many of you have hung in there with us and inspired us to do better and work harder. Over the past few years I am particularly grateful for members of our community who have spoken up and asked us to do a better job of including and celebrating creative people of all races, religions, ages, sexualities, body types, abilities and geographic locations. We still have a lot of work to do, but your willingness to speak up and be patient while we work on constantly course-correcting our ship to move in the direction of progress and inclusiveness means the world to me. Thank you.
  • Your loyalty. To me, loyalty doesn’t mean reading every day, or reading only one website or blog. To me, loyalty means returning when you have time and caring about the people behind the content. So many of you have been overwhelmingly supportive of our team behind and in front of the screen and those moments mean so much to ALL of us.
  • The dozens of people who have worked, written and helped with this site over the past 12 years: There is no doubt in my mind that the most exciting thing about working at Design*Sponge is getting to work alongside some of the most creative, fun and talented people I know. This team works hard, works smart and works with heart to do their very best, and they treat each other with as much love and respect as they do our community. Some of the support I’ve seen shared between team members, and between team members and our community, brings me to tears. This is a good group of people who are always working harder to learn more and do their best. We’ve seen each other through tremendously tough times, and I know at the end of the day we’ll all be there for each other in a pinch. That sort of connection is priceless in my book.
  • Getting to do a job that I enjoy and that pays the bills. “Doing what you love” is a luxury in a difficult economy and workforce like today’s. And in some countries starting your own business, getting an education or doing something creative just isn’t an option. I try to never forget that, and remember that with the incredible privilege we have comes both great responsibility and joy. Our goal is to always share that joy with everyone reading.


April Fools Day, 2013! This was SO much fun. We turned the entire site into a cat-themed project and some people genuinely believed it was real. I had SO much fun with this, as did our entire team. 


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  • Happy 12th Grace! You, your team, and your blog are an inspiration to me and I have truly enjoyed going along this journey with you since I first tuned in around 2006. Looking forward to the continued adventures of Design*Sponge!

  • “Numbers are nice, but meaningful connections are forever”…
    I find that the most important thing in running a business. People that stay with you, are what matters in the end. The numbers can be bought but real connections, never!
    Have a wonderful 12th! :)

  • Congratulations, Grace! Love this post and it is absolutely worth celebrating 12 years. I think “internet years” are certainly longer than dog or cat years, so this is a major accomplishment!

  • Hi Grace, thank you for such great site! Every day I open it, see a lot of nice things and talented people, and my life become fine! I love & respect your work! Happy12th!

  • That 2008 screen shot… wow brings back memories. 12 Years? That’s amazing! I’ve been reading your blog the whole time. There are a few key things that stand out as inspiration to me when I look back on how I started my own business – Design*Sponge was/is one of them. Thanks for setting the example to follow your heart, roll with the challenges, and keep your head held high. Enjoy the anniversary!

  • Congratulations on this milestone! Every year is something to be celebrated. Every bullet point under “What I’m Proud Of” has made me glad that D*S has such a strong and kind leader.

  • Happy 12 years, Grace! I have loved following both the changes on D*S and your life journey. You are truly an inspiration. Can’t wait to see all the great things you will next (and of course, your book!).

  • I often listen to After the Jump for creative inspiration and check in on your city guides whenever my friends or I are traveling (I wrote the recent one for Des Moines!)

    Admire your voice and how you’ve remained relevant in an ever-changing market. Way to go!

  • Happy 12 years! I loved the ribbon look toooooo! Forgot that I have been a design*sponge fan for that long! I really respect and admire what you’ve done and am looking forward to the next 12!

  • Congrats! I love these reflections, especially about how dreams have been fulfilled. That’s such a precious gift to give to people. I love how following our own dreams and nourishing those small seeds grows in a way that allows others to uncover their dreams, too.

  • I remember finding your blog through Christy’s modern links, such a long way back! Seeing the screenshots of your re-designs evokes such happy nostalgia. Since then my aesthetic has changed and grown, and I’m grateful your site has been there throughout and a part of that evolution. Bon anniversaire!

  • I’ve looked forward to going to Design*Sponge every day for years and continue to do so to this day (and can’t wait for tomorrow too!). Your site has given me permission to just be me in so many ways but especially during a big home renovation a few years back—D*S gave me confidence while making all of those difficult daily decisions during the 1 1/2 year reno. Huge thanks for that! All the best wishes for many more years of fun, success, daily inspiration and cheer! xOB

  • Happy 12th anniversary Grace and D*S team! This post embodies what I love about design sponge … Staying true to who you are, hard work, honesty and real talk, and appreciation of readers and fans – I really liked “returning when you have time and caring about the people behind the content” – this rings so true to me, as both a blogger myself and a reader of D*S. I always love coming back to your blog and have been a longtime fan. But it’s what I strive for too, meaningful connections and cool little friendships all over the place. I’m humbled by how supportive, caring and loving people can be. Wishing you many more years of work you are excited about, Grace! (And I love hearing about your future children – you and Julia will be the coolest parents ever!!) Xo

  • I’m pretty sure I’ve never left a comment before but I wanted to add my congratulations to the rest for 12 amazing years of hard work, wonderful content and keen design sense! I’ve been reading for years and I also really appreciate your authenticity. I’m guessing I’m older than your typical reader (57) but as I’ve aged I find I really dislike any site that doesn’t ring “true.” You, Grace (and the rest of your team), ring very true! Well done.

  • I have always found your voice very true and inspiring. Your voice translates through your staff to work that feels genuine, not pushed, and from the heart. There will always be room to improve as that is the way of the world. But boy, you have done a seriously kick ass job. I will forever look forward to the newest D*S post and I can’t wait to get my hands on the new book. So much love from this reader!

  • Thank you for all you do Grace! And happy 12th birthday to the site that changed the lives of handloom weavers far, far away in southern India. Congratulations on this stellar team and here’s to many many more years of thoughtful design content here! <3

  • Wow, I can’t believe I tuned in a whole 8 years ago! The transformation has been incredible – thank you for taking us all on your journey!


  • Congratulations Grace!! I did not realize that I am reading your blog for so long! I know all your website designs:)
    You and your team have been real inspiration to me! Thank you so much! All the best! Susanne

  • Congratulations! I´ve just noticed that I follow this page since 2006, when I was a design student. I still like to come “here”, specially if Im craving for that feel of happiness that provides the good design, and the good designers. Thanks for your work! Keep it up!

    pd. I loved the ribbons, too ;)

  • I agree with Susan – as an older reader authenticity is key and it’s always here at D*S. Congrats ! xo

  • I haven’t been following for 12 years, but for 5 at least, and as someone who is pretty anti-corporate, anti-capitalist and often exhausted by home design, I find there is something much deeper going on on your site. Your site aims to be inclusive and I love that. I love the focus on artists and writers and I love that you sometimes respond to current events. Your BLM post was very moving and I’m sure not easy to write. Keep going!

  • Happy 12 years Grace ! Thank you for inspiring us restlessly. I just realized that I first found out about your blog on 2008, I still remember that layout, that collage style layout. I was in Indonesia that time, working as a graphic designer and I always turn to Design Sponge whenever I needed to refresh my mind. Gosh how time flies ! Sending much love to you and please keep on inspiring us with you thoughts.


  • Congratulations Grace and D*S. I find that the more time I spend here, the less time I spend on other design sites. Some of that can be attributed to your voice, some of it to your editorial content, much of it is due to your integrity, and most of it is because of your commitment to inclusion. You have a wonderful space here and I appreciate it, you, and the many designers and creatives, particularly of color, that I have become aware of here.

    Additionally, seeing how good I look every time I wear one of my Reuben Reuel skirts–whose work I first saw here–reminds me of how much I appreciate D*S.

  • Congratulations! You’ve done fabulous work over the years. I especially appreciate the way you have featured the work of artists, designers, makers of diverse a backgrounds and cultured. You’ve shown that it can be done! Looking forward to the next 12 years.

  • I can’t believe it’s been 12 years! Congrats Grace and team! Design*Sponge has always stood out to me as one of the most thoughtful, authentic places on the internet. Grace, you specifically have inspired a lot of people in our generation (and other generations too, I’m sure!) by forging a path where there wasn’t one. I remember when I first read your story years ago about starting the blog and thought: “Wait a minute. She couldn’t find/land the job she wanted so she went out and made it? You can do that?!” :) Thank you, thank you.

  • Happy Anniversary! What an accomplishment. Thank you for putting this thoughtful post together. I appreciate that you pay yours team a living wage and keep true to yourself and the blog; that is what makes DS such a gem!

  • Happy, happy blogversary!
    As much as I love all the design inspiration, what I really love about all these years of following Design*Sponge has been your ethical stand, your kindness. I admire you so much! After all the “guru” boom of the alst few years, your voice shines even brighter as an honest, considerate, smart point of view.
    Thanks so much for everything, and to amny more years, whatever that looks like down the line!

  • Congratulations on 12 years of well-earned success. I have been a reader almost the entire time and as you’ve learned, I have too, because you have always been so transparent about your thoughts, feelings and work. And you aren’t afraid to take a stand, which I really appreciate. I especially love your focus on people of color — so refreshing. I’m an adoptive parent (trans-racial adoption, actually) and I love to share what I’ve learned with others who are considering this path, so please let me know if you have any questions at all. Congratulations again!

  • The first time I came to your site must have been in 2008, I remember thinking you had the coolest site on the internet (and it only got better)! You inspired me to create, and keep creating which came full circle when I got to produce work for you last year. Thank you so much, what an honor to be apart of an amazing design site.

    Congrats on 12 and I can’t wait to see what more is in store.

  • As someone who also struggles with reflecting on the good stuff–for fear it’ll make me feel prideful and complacent–brava on your post and the celebration of what you’ve built! I’ve been reading design*sponge regularly since 2007 (and remember that older version of the site!) and it’s always been such a healthy source of inspiration, information, and honesty. Thank you for being on the vanguard of the bloggers whose voices I love, and thank you for sharing your wisdom and letting us celebrate along with you!

  • Congratulations on 12 years! I certainly have you to thank for giving me and my business it’s first big break when you included me in your picks in a New York Times round up in ’08. The number of individual artists you’ve helped become self sustaining over these 12 years has got to be huge. I’m glad you are taking time to celebrate!

  • Grace I love this on so many levels. I am also a small biz owner for 16 years and have follow for a very long time. ..kudos and many more. . Including have a beautiful family of littles

  • I don’t think I’d be making a living with my blog w/out Design*Sponge. Honestly. Grace was the first to share my “stuff” and has always been true to her name and gracious in every way with me, my questions and requests over the years. ~ karen!

  • What an amazing journey… Congrats on surviving and flourishing amidst such uncertain times. And thanks for your openness and candour throughout the years. Oh, and please bring back the podcast…?! I miss it so!

  • I miss that design from 2008… And if I keep coming back since then, it’s because – unlike other big commercial home decor websites or blogs – I can still find the individual voice behind all your posts.
    I hope to keep reading you for the next 12 years – at least !

    Btw – I would be very interested in reading your ideas on adoption – or maybe that is not an appropriate topic for this site?!:-)

    • Thanks, Junedotbe :)

      I’m sure I’ll talk more about adoption when we’re ready to talk about that more openly. I think it’s in line with talking about home and family, but right now it’s something we’re keeping private.


  • Congratulations Grace and all your team!!! Design*Sponge was one of the first blogs I found around the web, and actually started my own trying to emulate such inspiring content and stories! Keep on doing such a great job for us to continue learning! Thank u very much for inspiring so many of us!

  • I still remember that circles design theme! You were awesome then and even more awesome now. Thank you for helping your audience grow as well with your passion, vulnerability, empathy and enthusiasm. Congrats on such an amazing journey! Cheers! :)

  • Congratulations, Grace and team! I’ve been a loyal D*S reader since I heard you speak at SCAD while I was in graduate school circa 06-07. This website (in all its iterations) has been the online/design equivalent to my favorite neighborhood coffee shop ever since. Thank you for a decade of thoughtful inspiration. Looking forward to the next chapter!

  • I hardly ever comment but I am longtime reader and I think congratulations are in order. :) Thank you for you (and your team’s) tireless work and your endless support of designers, makers, women, and underrepresented minorities. I don’t know you personally but clearly you are a good human with good intentions and that really shines through! You are truly a visionary and an inspiration!

  • One of my favorite things about Design*Sponge is the clear committment to people first. As someone who works in a non-creative, social justice oriented field (affordable housing/law/policy), and has maybe only one or two creative toe bones in my body, Design*Sponge is one of the few places where I felt that the people mattered as much as the design. Thank you, and your staff, for continually cultivating the unique environment you have here.

  • I remember that first site. I sent you in an email and you responded pretty quickly. (It was about curtains and you said you don’t really use curtains.)

    Anyway, congrats on the past 12 years and can’t wait to what’s in store!

  • I LOVE Design Sponge! I have been following for a few years now. I love the creativity, the variety and the approach you take to make it all happen. Please know I appreciate your efforts and will continue to check your site (almost) daily! Thankyou!

  • I don’t usually comment here, but wanted to say that I’m not an entrepreneur, and I don’t work in the design/creative field, but I find inspiration in your team’s posts every day. In a way, I feel like this community has all grown up together (since when did we turn 30?!), and I love the sense of camaraderie that comes with that growth. Know that although we may not know you, we’ve got your back. Looking forward to seeing what the future holds for you and your family.

  • Happy anniversary Grace and team. I’ve been a fan and reader almost since the beginning and I’ve loved watching how DS has evolved. I miss the ribbons but love your bravery, creativity and generous heart. Grace–you and your site have given me inspiration and motivation. I look forward to many more years!

  • Big congratulations, Grace…and a hearty thank you for being a reliable source of every kind of inspiration.

  • Congratulations to you and your team, Grace. It has really been a joy to read your blog, and to be inspired by the content you guys pour your hearts into. I also truly appreciate your inclusion of everyone and how you celebrate diversity in its many forms. Keep on keeping on…you’re making us proud! <3

  • D*S was the reason “this blog I read” became apart of my vocabulary. And it continues to be the design-world equivalent of my maturation. Certainly I am not alone.

    When a shift towards mindfulness replaced my empty, trend-focused consumption, you were right on time…

    when I wished my mother had been around to teach me the simple things, in came “Home Ec.”…

    when I felt my day-to-day was too commercial…
    Hello “Fine Art Focus”!

    hella “Biz Ladies” articles were bookmarked as I started my own business… now Adam J. Kurtz reminds me not to take the collapse of that business so harshly.

    And when the mainstream either ignored my blackness or treated it as a prop, you not only had something to say but something to hold yourself accountable for.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you.
    And shoutout to those peachy ribbons.

    best wishes in this life and the next,

  • Happy anniversary! I’ve been reading since 2007 from across the pond as there’s little to match you and the DS vision here :) Always inspiring, always evolving and with real staying-power. Two houses and two kids later, I feel I’ve grown up since I started tuning in! Thanks Grace for the inspiration and good luck with future plans and your family-to-be…

  • Not gonna lie, this post made me tear up a bit! DS is one of those things I come back to, again and again, as the years go by – and what you describe here is why. It’s been a source of not just inspiration but support and comfort as I’ve struggled to find my place as a designer and a person, and it got me through years of challenges of all kinds. Thank you all for what you do, and congrats on 12 amazing years, and many more to come!

  • Grace, I’ve been reading DS for years. It’s been so wonderful to watch the site grow and to see how you’ve embraced your calling and platform. I second Krista’s comments. DS has been a tremendous source of inspiration to me and to thousands of other women, both creatively and professionally. Keep up the great work!

  • Yes, congratulations on helming such a warm and lovely part of the web. I’ve been reading on and off for ten years or so, and really enjoy coming back here every time. It’s been a pleasure watching the site grow and develop its personality, and I look forward to the next twelve years. Best wishes to all the team.

  • Seeing these old site designs made me realize just how long I have been quietly reading Design Sponge. Thanks for growing with dignity and vision!

  • Congratulations Design Sponge team! I discovered DS around 2008 and it has been a treat to watch the site grow and evolve. I really appreciate the original content and your honest voice about the design world and life in general. Thank you for being a source for inspiration and learning! We started planning our business around 2010 and surely I’ve read every single Biz Ladies post and listened to almost all of your podcasts with fellow creative entrepreneurs..they were invaluable!

  • Congrats Grace! I’ve been reading since the “dots” days and Design Sponge has remained one of my faves, so many years later! It’s hard to put into words how happy it makes me that you have retained such integrity while growing in a truly meaningful way. I’ve seen so many other sites change and evolve in ways that lost me, but D*S has somehow always held on.

    I feel honoured to have been included in a small way (you guys featured my first wedding (yup..now remarried) as well as that jewelry stand DIY I did AGES ago) and I feel so spoiled that I live in a time where I can just click onto a website and feel instantly inspired. It really is magic, and you keep the magic going. Thank you Grace, I hope you to this time to feel appreciated, you truly are!

  • Congratulations on completing 12 years, Grace! I’ve especially enjoyed the unique home tours that keep inspiring me and has widened my outlook.

  • Hi there! Congratulations! I’m relatively new to your blog (started reading sporadically over the past three years, now read very regularly), so it was nice to see old pages and hear about the history. I absolutely love to read your content; you and your team do a wonderful job!

  • Congratulations Grace! Lovely post. Design Sponge was one of the first blogs that I started reading… Can’t believe it was twelve years ago. Wishing you and Julia all the best on your adoption journey.

  • DS was one of the first blogs I ever started to read! I’ve been following your blog since 2008. Congratulations Grace from across the pond xx

  • Thank you for making DS so beautiful. Have been enjoying your pages for years.. you were my “perk up” page when I was working at a rather tough corporate job in my former life. :)

  • I am new to D*S, and first really took note of the blog when you posted an article on Medium about Black Lives Matter. I am very pleased to encounter a site with so much integrity and glad to hear how your team works, quality over quantity. When people feel valued I think that quality only increases.
    I’m looking forward to getting to know D*S better over time. Congratulations!