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10 Ways To Give Your Bathroom Summer Style

by Kevin O'Gara

For me, summer brings a brighter color palette and a liveliness to the air with the abundance of sunshine and trees full of leaves. There’s a fresh energy to the season that translates well to interior refreshes, whether it’s moving the furniture around or planning a full redecoration. When it comes to summery bathrooms, many feature warmer palettes, like pops of yellow or sunny orange hues, or the crisp contrast of black and white that feels appropriate for the breezy summer air. One of the surest ways to achieve a year-round summer look is with a bold wallpaper choice, like the ocean wallpaper shown in slide seven or the blue palms in slide nine. From changing up your bathroom’s color palette to adding fresh decor, here are some ideas for bringing summer vibes to your powder room. —Kevin


This eclectic Australian bathroom brings a nautical touch with a half-painted navy wall and light and trendy fouta towels for a fresh look.
A graphic ostrich wallpaper and pops of color in the accessories bring some liveliness to this black-and-white bathroom makeover.
Primary colors like yellow and red often evoke summer's vibrant hues, and this yellow tub is certainly a cheerful focal point to this bathroom in a Victorian farmhouse.
This large-scale fern wallpaper in Carla Fahden's Minnesota home brings a lush summer vibe with its organic plant pattern.
This charming bathroom in Myriam Balaÿ-Devidal's home in Nimes uses a range of warm neutrals and orange to reflect the city's sunny weather.
The crisp black-and-white palette in this Cobble Hill bathroom shines brightly with its contrasting colors.
The entrance to the bathroom in Amelia the Airstream has a nautical, summer theme with another statement wallpaper.
The addition of natural textures like seagrass baskets makes this bathroom in a Pasadena home warm and inviting.
This stylish London loo feels like a tropical jungle with the addition of the classic Cole & Sons Palm Jungle wallpaper.
Small flag banners bring a warm shade of yellow to the wall above the sink in this simple bathroom in a New Hampshire home.

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