Moving Forward

by Grace Bonney

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Talking about design and decorating when our country feels as if it’s being ripped apart at the seams feels wrong to me. But I am very aware that for many of you reading, this site is a much-needed distraction from the harsh reality of everything happening in our world today. I don’t want any distraction from the reality I feel is important to see, understand and acknowledge right now, but I recognize that to even have that choice to see or not see things is a privileged one. I know so many of you reading will not be able to simply turn off the news to escape the fear and heartache that is overwhelming in both the black community and law enforcement community this morning. I cannot stop thinking about the stories of Philando Castile, Alton Sterling and, as of this morning, the five innocent police officers who were murdered by snipers in Dallas. The world feels heavy with sorrow and injustice and confusion and anger.

On Monday we will resume our regularly scheduled content. But today we’re taking time to mourn all of the innocent lives that have been taken. There is so much listening and healing and action to be done and I want to give us all space to be a part of that in whatever way we can. We’ll go back to home tours and recipes and business advice next week (while never forgetting what we’re feeling right now), but today it just doesn’t feel right to proceed with business as usual when so many people are feeling unsafe, unloved and unprotected.

So many of us here have known what it feels like to have spaces, at home and in the world, that do feel safe, healing and protected. Please share that good fortune, happiness and healing energy with everyone who needs your support this week. We will be doing the same. Our hearts are with everyone this week and always. —Grace



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  • I’ve always looked up to you as a blogger and entrepreneur, but today I have even more respect for you than I have before. Thank you for acknowledging that this has not been a normal week by any means, and for showing compassion to all communities affected by violence and hate. This kind of empathy is very much needed. <3

  • such a poignant post that states it is imperative to pause and grieve at this time of such sadness for us all.

  • “but I recognize that to even have that choice to see or not see things is a privileged one.” I sobbed. Thank you. Thank you!

  • Thanks, Grace, your post just feels “right” today, and I appreciate your viewpoint.

  • I found your page around 2009 or 2010 looking for ideas for a new rental and I have been hooked since. I personally do not like to get involved in battles of politics etc but I logged on hoping You would mentioned something about what happened at Dallas and I want to Thank You for your words… Our nation needs healing …

  • Thank you for this post Grace. Very well said. I’m so upset by these deaths but also hope this will spark real change.

    I think Philando is spelled without an R although I may be wrong.

  • Thanks for being so honest and open about what really matters, today and over the years. I love the design content but love your voice more. I’m with you in trying to figure out how to make things better… it’s hard, and it needs to be done.

  • This. Thank you so much. I write for an interior design blog as well and came to Design Sponge seeking a little inspo this afternoon, as I’m feeling very stuck and unable to concentrate on much else but the current state of our country. It feels silly, frivolous, and out of touch to write about hammocks and well-designed hotels when there are much more pressing issues among us and I’m glad to know that others in this industry feel the same. To even have the ability to disconnect from all the horror and injustice and focus on something as simple as sofas is a privilege – a privilege that makes me feel ashamed and guilty, but what you said is true; people need this content as much as they need the heavy stuff. But thank you for breaking away from the norm rather than pretending that the world is still all paint colors and throw pillows. Your voice is important. All of our voices are important. If this injustice is ever going to change we can’t stay silent.

  • Loved this. Thank you for using your platform to speak up and remind us all to do the same. Also loved Julia’s post today on IG. It got me thinking, I’d love to see other people’s activism action plans and things we can do to move towards a more inclusive world. What about a dsactionplan hashtag? Anyway, thanks for creating and moving important conversations forward!

  • Grace, as a professor who teaches ethnic and cultural studies, I am constantly negotiating the ideas and opinions of young people who have been acculturated in a United States where the machinations of racial oppression are either elided or so normalized that they are invisible to a large swath of the American population. My heart breaks whenever I read or hear anyone, especially young people, utter “all lives matter.” The tone deaf calls for black people to ‘comply, comply, comply’ from people who will never know the terrors of being of a certain racial background in this country are equally disheartening. It makes me acutely and sadly aware that future generations will continue to be socialized to believe that black lives have no value. So much education needs to take place across this country. Right now, my soul is weary. I applaud you for using this blog as a space to draw attention to the realities of life and ‘home’ for those of us who are constantly renegotiating what it means to be at ‘home’ in the United States. Thank you!

  • Thank you. I’m from Dallas. This city is my home, the place I felt safe in, protected in. I don’t say that naively, there is always danger everywhere. But when you know a place you know your place and you know how to keep yourself as safe as anyone can keep themselves. Now, I just don’t know.

  • Much love and support from your Canadian family. Because we are ALL in this together. ❤

  • thank you, grace.

    we need the time out we need to just be…be in the moment
    for all we have lost this week and every week before. to
    remember from travon martin and before…and all of the lives
    shut down since…including the officers in cities across the nation
    killed in the past five years as a result of knee jerk responses
    as if killing one of “them” would somehow even the score for
    killing one of “us”

    we have to realize that the “us” is all of us…black white, red,
    yellow, brown…all humanity …and all of “them”…a part of
    humanity as well. we are all of the human family…let’s get back to that and start the conversation from that fact…


  • Thank you for this post. I have always admired this space for your intentional commitment to diversity. I really appreciate you speaking up and taking a moment to just mourn for all lives. This is such a positive place. Thanks again!

  • Thank you for this beautiful post, Grace. I was out of the country for a couple of weeks and was heartbroken reading the news back home. Catching up on my lunchtime reading today, it was comforting to see your post. A couple of days before the tragedies, I was looking at my biracial son who due to vacation tan was looking more Latino than usual and wondering what he would look like when he is older. Sadly, an immediate thought was when we should have the “how to interact with police” talk. (My brothers gave it to me when I started driving. ‘Always put your wallet in the glove compartment so you aren’t reaching into your pocket for your license. Reply with Yes Sir, No, Sir.’ Etc). I want to be hopeful but have so many fears about the world we are bringing our children into.