Lions, Tigers, Bears & Beyond: 15 Rooms That Celebrate Animals in Artwork

by Sabrina Smelko

Ah, artwork — one of the most cost-effective ways to add personality, life, color and decor to any space. While sometimes polarizing and subjective by nature, one thing an overwhelming amount of homeowners do agree on is that animals always make great subjects.

From bats and butterflies (okay, not technically a mammal, but we’ll let it slide) to deer and ducks, dogs may be man’s best friend, but in these 15 rooms, animals of all kinds are a wall’s BFF. –Sabrina

Located on the northern beaches of Sydney lives Alice Flynn and her beloved Penny Farthing painting of an elephant that she coined Henry. He resides in the family boathouse above an aged wood shelving unit.
Bookended by sconces from her grandmother, atop the marble mantel in Kelly's home are bird drawings created by her great-uncle. I just love how they're echoed by the little bird figurine perched on the frame above.
Greeting you as you enter this eclectic home in South Carolina is Blu Reed, the family golden, along with a perturbed whale and a decorative duck.
In this moody London abode, homeowner Jenny outfitted her walls in artwork created by local craftspeople and artists, such as this two-in-one lion-rabbit print by American street artist Gaia.
In this family home in Sweden, a large-scale art piece of bats and an interesting ladder were strategically chosen to balance the visual weight of the TV.
My own home has changed drastically since my D*S home tour, but one thing that has remained the same is my love for this vintage History of Dogs plaque that I found at a thrift store in Northern Ontario. I found it months before we got a dog of our own, and I like to think it played a role in willing the universe into bringing Piper into our lives.
A Diane Kilgore-Condon deer diptych anchors the den in Josiah and Ashleigh's Tudor-style home in Jackson, MS. Elsewhere in the home, you'll find more animal artwork -- from birds to snakes to butterflies.
In this tiny Kansas City apartment, there's no sacrificing on texture and fun. Hanging above a vegan cowhide rug and wood-slat media bench is a woven textile that celebrates our relationship with animals.
A massive 57" western honeybee lithograph from the early 1910s hangs in the home of Chris and Julia Thomas. It was found on a trip to Amsterdam, as was the heavy-duty lamp that hangs in front of it.
In Alex and Rebekah's Oakland, CA home, the working fireplace is one of the favorite features. A close second is the vintage circus tiger print they spotted at a local thrift store, The Clausen House Annex.
In Elizabeth Dunker's Swedish home, above an IKEA Karlanda sofa, a galloping horse and an English setter drawing watch over the living room -- pun intended, thanks to the pair of eyes done by graphic designer Olle Eksell. Although this photo was taken seven years ago, it proves that gallery walls, warm neutrals, and animals never go out of style.
In Taylor Anne's Crown Heights apartment, three owl prints (that she tore from the pages of a book and put in natural frames from Target) rest above her bed.
In this bold and beautiful bathroom hangs a pair of pigeon paintings done by the homeowner, Zoe Johns. Set against walls painted in chalkboard paint (tinted with 10% white), and neighboring oodles of other artwork, this shows that "putting a bird on it" is sometimes the best answer.
Certainly one of my favorite shots from Kiel's home tour, this poodle print was a thrift-store steal at $10. It's regal, timeless, and totally fun.
Meow! This Tiger print from RK Design feels right at home in the dining room of this Sunnyvale, CA Eichler home.

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