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14 Ways to Add Texture and Color to a Room with Cacti

by Lauren Chorpening Day

We have a tradition in my home that, when something good happens, we go to the greenhouse and pick out a new plant. We are a little plant-obsessed around here, but I believe that a room needs at least one plant to feel finished — so the more plants, the better. The exotic look and (painful, at times) feel of cacti add gorgeous texture and color to any room. They need to be displayed in a place where they can receive decently good light and not be forgotten about, because they do need water every so often.

But don’t fret, decorating with cacti is easy because they are automatic showstoppers in any space where they’re able to thrive. For inspiration, flip through this roundup of 14 rooms that perfectly decorate with cacti. –Lauren

Decorating with Cacti in Any Space | Design*Sponge
The cactus centerpiece on Amanda Bupp's dining table is unexpected, cool and the perfect accent in her Catskills space.
Decorating with Cacti in Any Space | Design*Sponge
This cactus combination in Carley and Jonathan Summer's bohemian home breaks up the pattern of the living room with green. The varying heights of these cacti draw the eyes higher and lower within the space, making it easier to see and appreciate each detail.
Decorating with Cacti in Any Space | Design*Sponge
Christina Meneses created an oasis in her Beverly Hills, CA backyard with cacti and other plants. In this environment, the cacti seem to balance the organic and structured elements of the design. The lines of the cacti even match the lines of the bentwood chair backs.
Decorating with Cacti in Any Space | Design*Sponge
The gorgeous pieces sold at LEIF have a modern-meets-earthy sensibility to them. This big beautiful cactus fits right in.
Decorating with Cacti in Any Space | Design*Sponge
Alea and Peter's large San Pedro cactus in their dining room window adds to the already stunning plant collection displayed throughout their home.
Decorating with Cacti in Any Space | Design*Sponge
Heather and Mike kept their bedroom makeover minimal and bright, but they knew that this mid-size cactus needed to be the finishing touch on the space.
Decorating with Cacti in Any Space | Design*Sponge
Aidan and Andrea's home features modern design mixed with mid-century modern style in almost every room. What also shows up in a few of those rooms is a perfect cactus that adds life to the space.
Decorating with Cacti in Any Space | Design*Sponge
This squatty cactus is a pretty complement next to the Smirkes' armchair in their cactus-filled vacation home in Joshua Tree, CA.
Decorating with Cacti in Any Space | Design*Sponge
Bonnie's Arizona home is full of beautiful collections curated over time. Her yard is an oasis of cacti, succulents and trees that reflect the collected spirit of the home.
Decorating with Cacti in Any Space | Design*Sponge
Bold color is just about everywhere in this coastal Rhode Island home. The bright, white kitchen gets its color from this striking cactus-duo.
Decorating with Cacti in Any Space | Design*Sponge
Karyn Blosil of Loom Goods knows the perfect combination of neutrals, metallics, wood tones and plant life to complete a space. The scale of the cactus finishes this corner beautifully.
Decorating with Cacti in Any Space | Design*Sponge
Photographer Julie Holder's space is decorated with large cacti throughout. Her pup's favorite spot is next to these tall beauties in the window.
Chy Parker's Alamorio, CA home has been infused with desert life everywhere. The cacti and plants round out this home filled with art, mid-century pieces and handmade textiles and objects.
This massive cactus is a showstopper in Sara and Rich's globally-infused San Francisco home.

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  • Tips on how to pot up a cactus would be great. I really want one, but am not sure how best to tackle the prickly plant!

  • cacti are my favorites! I agree, how about some advice on how to pot one without my fingers looking like pin cushions? big ones and small table sized cacti…everything but the CHOLLA cactus. Ouch!!

    • I have like 30 cactuses (for real lol) and the best way Ive found is to wear gloves for one and i wait until the day i HAVE to water- where the soil is ultra dry- i take a shovel and go around the base of the old pot to loosen the soil (its soo much easier if you have ultra dry soil). Then I take a thick layer of newspaper, like 5 layers and then fold in half for more thickness and wrap it around the cactus. I keep it around it to pull/dump the cactus out, to transplant and hold while I’m repositioning the cactus in its new pot. i haven’t found an easier, less painful way than this yet and it works really well for me :) it works so well i don’t use gloves half the time

  • PLEASE do not suggest cactus for indoor decoration. Cacti need full sun, at least six or more hours a day!

    • Ik

      I’ve had cacti and succulents in all my apartments (indoors) without any problem. As long as they have full sun indoors, I’ve never had a problem keeping them thriving- especially in something bright, like a bay or alcove window.