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Before & After: A Colorful Dual-Zone Space that Works Hard and Plays Hard

by Sabrina Smelko

A flipped home can sometimes get pigeon-holed into the “generic” or “safe” category in an attempt to appeal to the masses. But for Lindsay and Chris Jackman, each home they’ve purchased, renovated, and flipped has been personalized with their own eclectic touches and marked by their family’s milestones.

After struggling to find an affordable house in their preferred neighborhoods in Greenville, SC, the couple stumbled across a foreclosure downtown. It was a former university frat house, and they spent their first years of marriage renovating it top to bottom. Lindsay and Chris fell so in love with the process that they decided they wanted to do it again… and again and again. “We’re now on our third house,” Lindsay explains, “but we’re so grateful to that first house for all that it taught us and the family adventure it set us on.” Since then, the couple has welcomed a baby girl into their lives, Rosie Mills, and along with Gracie, their Great Dane, their life is “a crazy ride of moving, renovating, and doing it all over again,” Lindsay shares, “but we wouldn’t have it any other way.”

In their most recent home, a 1950s Craftsman bungalow, space was limited at 750 square feet, so with their family growing, they decided to add an addition to the back and vaulted all of the ceilings to make it feel larger. Making semi-tiny living more accommodating for a large dog and an infant also meant creating multifunctional spaces, such as this colorful office and child’s playroom.

A room that literally works hard and plays hard, Lindsay chose to keep the wall where her desk sits bare and free of distractions save for some billowing, pink curtains and decor which lends itself well to getting down to business. Elsewhere — in areas where play is the name of the game — she layered on the pattern and color much thicker. “I wanted to go with a colorful, bright home,” Lindsay notes. “I have fallen in love with mixing unexpected colors and patterns and have really tried to have fun with that here.” Before, the room acted solely as a bare-bones office, but now it’s a dual-zone space where Lindsay can work while still keeping an eye on their growing daughter — and one which also offers little Rosie a place to grow into and call her own. –Sabrina

"I didn't have much space to work with for my office section (Isn't that how it goes for us parents? The kids get it all, y'all)." But that didn't stop Lindsay from getting creative to solve not only the limited floorspace, but wall space as well, thanks to the large window. "I really wanted some sort of inspiration board, but with the large windows, there was no wall space left, so I decided to hang an inspiration garland from the curtain rods over my desk and I can clip quotes or rooms that inspire me."
This pretty and pink space is both Lindsay and her daughter Rosie's favorite in the whole house. "What I love most about this room is how it functions for us," Lindsay begins. "Having a combo office for me and a play space for Rosie works so well for me as a stay-at-home, working mom." A copper sputnik light from Wayfair adds form and function.
Two-tone pink and peach curtains add dimension to the space, while a garland made from stringing several layers of yarn across the window acts as an “inspiration garland” while still letting light through from the large window. Lindsay made the curtains herself using fabric from Jo-Ann Fabric.
Layered with tons of decor and pattern, every square inch of the room was carefully considered -- from the mini play kitchen zone to the floor where Lindsay layered two smaller, colorful rugs from Wayfair atop a large jute number, also from Wayfair.
Lindsay and Rosie sharing a fun moment between sessions of play cooking.
One of Lindsay's first inclinations was to create a statement wall. She ended up painting this floral "wallpaper" herself. "There was a moment in the middle of it where I really didn't think it would turn out at all, but in the end, I love the pop and vibe that it adds to this room," Lindsay says.
The key to making this room function for both Lindsay and Rosie's needs was appropriate storage. She found this combo bookshelf and bin unit from Wayfair and ended up ordering two to create an extra-long console. "I love that there are shelves on top for my office supplies and bins on the bottom for easy access to Rosie's toys," she says.
The desk lamp is from Target, while the marble desk was Lindsay's own DIY creation.
Details of Lindsay's desk, where she can not only keep watch over Rosie, but over Gracie when she's romping around the backyard.

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  • Love this!! Love everything Lindsay does, big fan! How exciting to see her playroom featured here!

  • Thank you so much for sharing. But I have a serious question to ask. Why are we going monochrome in kids room and play areas. If we see animation films and games that appeal to kids, it is a bright colorful and cheery world, so why monochrome. When it comes to kids room I feet that Custom Wallpaper and Custom Wall Murals with bright colors, cartoons charachters is the way to go. Kids Room Wallpaper can be something which attracts the child, instead of appealing to drab monochrome world of adults. Just my opinion…..

  • Really Nice Article. Loved your approach and style. But I feel that adding some color to wall would also help.

    You can also add a floor lamp, it would help enhance the style of the room.