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11 Gorgeous Spaces Belonging to Skilled Ceramicists

by Lauren Chorpening Day

The different styles and forms of pottery and ceramics being produced by artists lately are extremely broad. From rough, raw and organic pieces to glazed, polished and smooth textures and lines — not to mention the use of color or an affinity for neutrals — there are endless combinations and designs these artisans can create in their skilled hands.

When looking through the Design*Sponge archives, at first I was surprised by the variety in home decoration styles of some of the ceramicists we’ve featured on the site. Industrial, rustic, colonial, mid-century and global-eclectic aesthetics all popped up in my search. So it seems quite fitting that in this roundup of 11 rooms belonging to ceramicists and potters, each artist’s space is as unique as their hand-crafted ceramics. –Lauren

11 Gorgeous Spaces of Ceramists | Design*Sponge
Potter Eric Landon created an entertaining space above his Denmark ceramics studio for his friends and clients. He has decorated the space with vintage pieces that give the Tortus Copenhagen studio a distinct look that is the perfect backdrop for his pieces.
11 Gorgeous Spaces of Ceramists | Design*Sponge
Artist Anders Arhoj has filled his Danish dining room with his ceramic works, and works he has collected from other makers. "The dinnerware is a mixture of my ceramics and Japanese items bought on travels. It’s important to mix and match on a Japanese table. You must convey humbleness by having many different plates, cups and bowls — a philosophy called wabi-sabi, which is pure genius. A great excuse for never being able to save up enough money to buy matching plates," Anders Arhoj explains.
11 Gorgeous Spaces of Ceramists | Design*Sponge
Frances Palmer's clean-line, traditional home creates a pretty and serene backdrop to her mixture of ornate and organic pottery.
11 Gorgeous Spaces of Ceramists | Design*Sponge
Nathan Hayden's artwork and expression is displayed throughout his Santa Barbara, CA home. His ceramic pieces, fiber installations and drawings can be found in almost every room of the house, making it deeply personal and inspiring to him.
The mix-and-match vibe of Miné Jonker's Capetown home fits her professional life of multidisciplinary work in art and design. Her ceramic pieces are scattered room to room among items collected from traveling and the works of other designers.
11 Gorgeous Spaces of Ceramists | Design*Sponge
Helen Levi's ceramic drinkware, dinnerware and vases balance on the line between rich and muted colors. Her utilitarian design in her Brooklyn, NY studio lets the handmade pieces do the talking in the space.
11 Gorgeous Spaces of Ceramists | Design*Sponge
This Maine home belonging to potter Ayumi Horie is as playful and refined as her pottery.
Bari Ziperstein has efficiently combined her workspace with the home she shares with her husband and toddler. Her ceramic pieces are on display everywhere in their beautiful and energy-filled home. "My editions of slab-built ceramic floral vases, planters, and lamps are inspired by the rich ceramic history of Southern California, Brutalist / Cold War Architecture, Finnish patterns, and the California deserts," Bari says.
11 Gorgeous Spaces of Ceramists | Design*Sponge
Ceramicist Rachel Howe's home is speckled with color and pattern just like her line of mugs, bowls and planters.
William Edmonds' eclectic home in Camberwell, England features his ceramic work and partner Hannah's textile work. When they moved in, they didn't have much to decorate with so they both made their marks on the home with handmade pieces. "Virtually any horizontal surface becomes a home for my pottery and various things we’ve picked up on trips and walks," William says.
11 Gorgeous Spaces of Ceramists | Design*Sponge
San Luis Obispo, CA is no stranger to artists and makers. Ceramic artist and shop owner Taylor Kitto's work has an earthy, modern feel like the styling of her home. "I am a ceramist as well as a collector of vintage pottery. I love how each item has its own story to tell and is uniquely made," Taylor says.

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