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Why Mirrors Will Always Be Impactful in Design, Part 2

by Kelli Kehler

I recently professed our love and appreciation for the almighty mirror, a tool in the design world that has proved to be steadfast time and time again.

Mirrors hold aesthetic power in their ability to function both as a “look-at-me” focal point or grounding agent in a room and a strategic, barely-there chameleon that works to amplify other design elements or home features — like wallpaper, ceiling height, and natural light.

So without further ado, as promised, here’s Part 2 of our deep-dive into the magical prowess of mirrors. —Kelli

If you have open wall space and a mirror, you have the opportunity to create a design moment or functional zone. Since Kristen Cesiro didn't have enough space to get ready for the day in her tiny Brooklyn bathroom, she designated this area in the bedroom as a vanity. An Anthropologie mirror pulls the whole space together.
In Arizona, we see how a mirror can work to amplify the grandeur of a space and purposely contradict a room's style. Hanging an ornate vintage mirror in a sleek, modern space adds dimension to the room and thoughtfully accommodates both modern and antique designs.
In this Bristol, UK apartment, a stately mirror gives a marble-clad fireplace a run for its money. Stacking a tall mirror on top of a fireplace mantel raises the eye upward, adding visual height to the room.
A mirror that's beautiful in its own right is used to accentuate the iridescent floral wallpaper it graces in Alberta, Canada.
When using a bold pattern like this wallpaper, some consider keeping other decorative elements to a minimum as to not create a dizzying effect in a space. However, since a mirror is essentially a functional piece of art -- especially in a powder room -- the details can be as loud and pronounced as the wallpaper. Case in point: this flea market mirror.
In some cases, a mirror can be as integral to a room's overall aesthetic as the architecture. Here in this Australian living room, a mirror from Mexico unites various hues and design styles, tying the whole space together. The mirror is so cohesive to the design, it's actually hard to imagine how this room would look without it.
Upon first glance, this mirror is more of a chameleon in the room as the Cole & Son Palm Jungle wallpaper takes center stage. But further inspection reveals a subtly unique shape, and its principal function is to bounce that stunning blue wallpaper throughout the room.
This circular mirror, found at a thrift store, creates a romantic vignette when floated above a detailed fireplace mantel in this airy Vancouver apartment.
In this room for sisters in Bakersfield, CA, a wall decal by the Land of Nod mingles with a small mirror to create a super dimensional art piece.
A multifaceted mirror can be both cohesive in a room and ground the space when used within a similar color palette as its surrounding furnishings, or in muted colors.
In Washington, D.C. a dark paint color works well in a small bathroom thanks to this lovely mirror that reflects light throughout the space.
An octagonal mirror scored on eBay is the perfect accent piece to a striking dresser in Brooklyn Heights, NY.
Circular mirrors are beloved in the design world, and this one in Texas is even more exceptional since it was up-cycled from an old wine barrel. Its rustic quality lends depth to the room -- one room of many in this home that has plenty of great mirror moments.
Flanked by windows on either side of the room, this gorgeous old mirror does its job bouncing light around the space while creating an unexpected design moment.
This sweet brass mirror in an English family home both defines a design moment on this wall and redirects natural light throughout the room.
An original medicine cabinet in a 1927 Portland, OR home combines both form and function, providing much needed storage in this 370-square-foot home and making the bathroom appear larger with its reflection.

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