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12 Glorious Ways to Use Tiles in a Room

by Kevin O'Gara

Tiles are a beautiful (and practical) option for wall or floor covering, and make a high-impact finish whether used as an accent or as a focal point in a room. The pattern selections are endless, and are made in a wide spectrum of colors and styles for options that could easily find their way into any type of room. While Moroccan designs add a hint of bohemian romance, small-scale patterns and geometrics provide sharp style, as you’ll find in several of these examples. I often think of tiles in the context of a kitchen or bathroom, but they can be stunning and unexpected when used outside of these areas. While I’m a fan of the tile backsplash for infusing color into a kitchen, covering a whole wall or taking the backsplash tiles down to the floor can bring a lot of energy to the room.

These rooms use stunning tiles to accomplish many different functions, ranging from a stylish finish or colorful accent to practical — though still aesthetically appealing — applications like bathroom floors. While the reasons may vary, there are so many places to use tile in your home! — Kevin

12 Rooms Featuring Gorgeous Tiles on Design*Sponge
In this industrial kitchen space, tile fuses together the backsplash and floor, creating a continuous pattern that gives the illusion of more space. Check out lots of expert tiles tips in this post with Granada tile.
12 Rooms Featuring Gorgeous Tiles on Design*Sponge
Red takes over in one of the wildly tiled bathrooms in the home of Popham Design's founders Caitlin and Samuel Dowe-Sandes. Their contemporary tile designs are featured prominently throughout the Moroccan home.
12 Rooms Featuring Gorgeous Tiles on Design*Sponge
The master bathroom of this Portland home is accented by the variety of warm hues in the hexagonal floor tiles. Like penny tiles, their differing colors bring a dazzling effect to the space.
12 Rooms Featuring Gorgeous Tiles on Design*Sponge
The stamped concrete tiles in this Minneapolis home are bright and cheery like the rest of the house. They bring a touch of color to the backsplash and complement a matching green-painted butcher-block island.
12 Rooms Featuring Gorgeous Tiles on Design*Sponge
A beautiful Brazilian home features these bold geometric tiles on the kitchen floor, which pack all the punch in the minimal kitchen. With this pop of color, the room comes alive!
12 Rooms Featuring Gorgeous Tiles on Design*Sponge
In this modern-bohemian fixer-upper in Southern California, Thirties Vertex tiles make a statement on the floor of this bathroom and give it a modern edge with the sharp corners in the design. These tiles bring pattern to the room without disrupting the simple palette.
12 Rooms Featuring Gorgeous Tiles on Design*Sponge
Bharat Tiles' Classic Beauty tiles are featured in the Pali Village Cafe in Bandra, India. This company has been producing tiles in India for over 100 years, and their founding dates back to the Freedom Movement of India.
12 Rooms Featuring Gorgeous Tiles on Design*Sponge
The tiled flower design in this purple and green bathroom by Brooklyn designer Adrienne Labelle gives the room tons of personality, not to mention the tasteful color pairing of purple and green.
12 Rooms Featuring Gorgeous Tiles on Design*Sponge
Although not featured in a room, these wooden tiles from Moonish Co. were too good not to share. With an easy magnetic installation, they are perfect for renters and homeowners alike, and offer a unique tile experience.
12 Rooms Featuring Gorgeous Tiles on Design*Sponge
The dark grey grout in this high-contrast bathroom looks incredible with the concrete-top bathtub below. The clean black and white palette of these subway tiles brings a classic feel to Nina Gotlieb's bathroom.
12 Rooms Featuring Gorgeous Tiles on Design*Sponge
In another black and white bathroom in a Seattle home, large hexagonal tiles form a honeycomb pattern on the floor. The scale of these tiles brings an open, airy quality to the pattern and to the room.
12 Rooms Featuring Gorgeous Tiles on Design*Sponge
Although released four years ago, Popham Design's spring tile collection from 2012 is full of patterns that are still stylish. With a fusion of modern and timeless designs with a Moroccan twist, this tile powerhouse is one of Design*Sponge's favorites!

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  • there was an image recently of the opposite approach to the first photo here: tiles on wall and ceiling of a kitchen in the centre of a room. Nice way to delineate the kitchen without needing to change the feel underfoot.

  • All the tiles are beautiful! I specially like those blue and white tiles in the last image.

  • In our renovation, we used encaustic tiles on the wall in the bathroom and the same tiles on the floor in the WC….continuity without being too much.
    On the walls of one kitchen, I chose a very large design–it took four tiles of 20 cms each to make one motif–which I found much calmer than smaller versions, whose effect is more like old-time wallpaper. Something to think about.

  • The white tiles with the dark grey grout… think about wear, tear, hair, soap scum and all the little things that show up in a bathroom. When you set up a high contrast environment like that, every little thing that falls between the color values (dark dark and light light – which is EVERYTHING) is going to show up. If you are not OCD, this may not be the best approach. (Believe me, I put white tiles with dark grey grout around a fire place. OMG – it showed every little spec of ash.)

  • Love the pairing of geometric floor tiles with the subway wall tiles. For me subway tiles will never go out of trend.

  • I absolutely love tile. It it very versatile – it can be very understated and blend seamlessly or it can be like a piece of art in your room. Great examples, thanks for sharing!

  • The variety is size and shape makes tiles to be very versatile.
    I like the creativity explore in this unique designs.
    There is a feeling of strength in this tile pairing.

  • When talking about tiles, no one seems to care about grout. However, choosing a grout is also a pain. On the other hand, you can adhere tiles and accent tiles rather pattern or reverse. For example, simple tiles with dark grout (like we commonly see used with subway tiles) will provide much more interesting experience when you choose non-standart tiles (octa shaped etc).
    Light grout needs to be cleaned a lot but all of the tiles` patterns will look awesome that way.
    There is also a gray one, middle of everything and you can stick to it when you find yourself hard to choose one.