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11 Adorable D*S Pets

by Lauren Chorpening Day

A home is made special by those who live there — including the animals. We love that pets have found their way into countless home tours, and there are some of the cutest dogs and cats throughout the pages of our D*S archives. These companions are tried and true, but it’s also fun to see less common furry and feathery friends making great pets. Just like decorating style and color schemes vary among people, choosing the perfect pet is a personal thing. We’ve found 11 of the most adorable animals from past features to share with you, including chickens, dogs, pigs, alpacas, cats, goats and bunnies. — Lauren

11 Adorable D*S Pets | Design*Sponge
Kara Rosenlund's home tour is one of our favorite Australian D*S features to date. She introduces her chickens, Bettina, Nigella and Trixie: "Our girls come up the back stairs to say hello a few times a day. It’s all open-plan, so they just walk on through and will cackle out to let me know they are upstairs. I’m sure they are actually just cackling out for a treat."
11 Adorable D*S Pets | Design*Sponge
Petunia the pig has been with Faun and Meg since she was a piglet. She can be found looking for scraps around the Guts & Glory studio or hanging out with a French bulldog named Ducky.
11 Adorable D*S Pets | Design*Sponge
Kelley and Troy give their beautiful dog a charmed life. "Our dog, Harper, is one of the most important aspects of our lives. Our house is her house, so we make sure everything we have is also comfortable for her, too. Nothing (besides the dining table) is off-limits," Kelley says.
11 Adorable D*S Pets | Design*Sponge
Chloe the bunny is the perfect companion for food stylist Diana Yen. "She is cage-free and litter-trained like a cat, but also chews on everything! She’s also fantastic at helping me compost veggie scraps," Diana jokes.
11 Adorable D*S Pets | Design*Sponge
Adrienne's knack for felting upholstery made it worthwhile for her to invest in alpacas. It's pretty easy to see that her alpacas have become a beloved part of the family.
11 Adorable D*S Pets | Design*Sponge
Monkey the cat is looking quite sophisticated in her favorite spot of her Brooklyn Brownstone.
11 Adorable D*S Pets | Design*Sponge
Sarah and Kalyn's mudroom isn't just for storing jackets and shoes. Finn, their Giant Schnauzer, has laid claim to this room. "It’s Finn’s favorite spot in the house! 90% of the time, you can find him snoozing under the bench," Sarah says.
11 Adorable D*S Pets | Design*Sponge
Francesca's tiny bunny makes her DIY Gold Foil Confetti Pillow even cuter.
11 Adorable D*S Pets | Design*Sponge
Fatty, Jellybeans and Pepper enjoy being "three very lazy dogs" in this lovely and eclectic craftsman home.
11 Adorable D*S Pets | Design*Sponge
Julie and Roby Harrington's goats live on the first floor of their completely renovated barn-turned-home with the rest of the family -- but they spend time outside each day because, well, they're goats.
11 Adorable D*S Pets | Design*Sponge
Erin Francois' studio cat keeps her company while she is dyeing and creating beautiful patterned textiles.

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  • Ahhh I want to work at D*S and show off my fur-babies! Although – with 4 dog and a cat we might be subject for judgement #sorrynotsorry