Monday Mood

Monday Mood: Feelings

by Sabrina Smelko

Feelings. We all have them. Some are great, others suck, but there’s no denying how much beauty lies in our ability to feel things — both good and bad. This past week or so has been filled with highs and lows — some of which I can speak to personally, some we’ve experienced as a team, and surely, oodles of which were felt in all of our respective lives.

As I went about creating today’s Monday Mood post as I normally do — by gathering a bunch of stuff that inspires, intrigues or evokes an emotion from me as I go about my week, and then trying to find a pattern or theme — I was stumped to find an obvious theme. That was until I realized everything I had pulled, pinned or saved from the week didn’t look related on paper, but each photo, song, video etc. gave me some strong feels, and/or literally embodied something tangibly feel-y in nature (which was only amplified by Mother’s Day yesterday). Feelings have the power to shape our day, make us see things in a new light, and can set the tone for an entire week, month, or year. This week’s post celebrates feelings of all kinds, from video/audio of stormy crashing waves at the beach that will give chills, to a dreamy velvet sofa and moody paint colors, to a new design podcast that dives into all kinds of feelings. –Sabrina

  • Songs are definitely one of the most powerful ways to convey emotions, and on my playlist recently is Tearing Me Up by Bob Moses and this epic folk song by Gabrielle Papillon.
  • While on the topic of music, I’d be remiss if I didn’t include Drake’s new album Views which dropped last week. It will surely satisfy your need for everything from emotional R&B, to hip-hop, to dance hall. If you haven’t enjoyed it yet, buy it and listen now.
  • This footage of crashing waves and the ocean meeting earth will give you all the feels.
  • Braille, waves, diamonds — if you can’t remove wallpaper in your home, or want to create a feature wall, these wall panels will do the trick.
  • I can’t talk about feelings without linking to some awesome-feeling, velvet furniture pieces. I love this CIRRUS sofa from Article (formerly Bryght), IKEA’S STOCKHOLM sofa, and this pink velvet chaise lounger.
  • Vanessa Vandy’s short film Life is Now is all about living to the fullest and celebrating that life is happening today, so take a moment to enjoy it.
  • I think we’re going to see more and more art that combines something tangible with something printed or painted, much like these hand-stitched photographs by Rebecca Chew.
  • This Minute Maid ad created by Director Eliot Rausch featuring Missy Franklin is perfect for Mother’s Day (and I’ll be the first to admit it made me cry).
  • Design Milk recently launched a podcast titled “Clever” and their most recent episode features Genevieve Gorder spilling her feelings on everything from Trading Spaces and Prince to divorce, intuition, and being a mother.
  • I love this moody pantry makeover that just uses paint.
  • Exploring the many facets of being female, VSCO launched MAX, a dynamic community that aims to discover and celebrate inspiring and honest ladies who strive to express themselves.
  • Some of my best-loved Instagram feeds are my favorite because they convey a nice amount of mood and emotion. Worth mentioning are Asiyami Gold, Reed MoranoAndre D. Wagner, and Beth Kirby (AKA Local Milk).

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