Fine Art Focus: Marina Adams

by Grace Bonney

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I have a deep and abiding love for creative partnerships. Whether they’re romantic or platonic, there’s something about two talented people coming together and seeing how their work informs and supports each other. I, in no way, think a partner’s work should define or overshadow another person’s projects, but I think there’s something so exciting about imagining the creative conversations they must have over meals and on trips. I could write some great fan fiction about some of my favorite artistic couples.

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Marina Adams is one of my favorite contemporary painters and, after apparently living under a rock for the last 25 years, I learned she happens to be married to another incredible painter, Stanley Whitney. I have more on Stanley’s remarkable work coming later, but today I wanted to pause and celebrate Marina’s beautiful and moving art.

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Marina works with bold swaths of color and thick brushstrokes in the way I always hoped to while I was in college. Her color combinations and overall palettes are emotional, inspiring and always stir up strong feelings when I look at them for an extended amount of time. I love the way she works with large-scale shapes and big areas of color. There’s something collage-like about her works on paper and each one makes me rediscover how wonderfully complex and moving seemingly “simple” compositions can be (they are, of course, anything but simple). Today, I wanted to share some of my favorite works of hers and include some links for further study. If you’ve never seen Marina’s work before, I highly suggest the Youtube link below — it’s wonderful to see these pieces discussed in video form. xo, grace

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Artist: Marina Adams
About: Marina splits her time between New York City and Parma, Italy. She received her fine art degrees from the Tyler School of Art at Temple University and Columbia University’s School of the Arts.
More: You can read, see and hear more about Marina and her work here, here, here, here and here.

All artwork (c) Marina Adams. Images via MarinaAdams.com

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