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12 Showstopping Chandeliers

by Lauren Chorpening Day

As I prepare to move out of my apartment of three years, it feels a little bittersweet. I got to see this home reach its potential in so many ways, but there are some things that I never got around to. One of those things was replacing the light fixtures. My landlord told me to let her know when I found the perfect chandelier for the dining room and that she would have it installed for me. The lighting needed to be updated and she left it up to me, but I never took the time to find one.

Good lighting isn’t just practical, it can be incredibly beautiful. For centuries, lighting designers have been making unbelievable and stunning designs for chandeliers. The variety that exists today for chandelier styles is broad — from ornate and traditional to sleek and modern, the design combinations are just about endless. These gorgeous centerpieces can be seen in just about any room of the house and can cap off a space’s design with a statement.

While I’m packing boxes, I’m scheming about my new apartment that is a bit rougher around the edges and could really use some TLC and new lighting. As I design the rooms in my head, I am definitely including a few pretty chandeliers in my home this time around (with my landlord’s permission, of course). On that note, here are 12 showstopping chandeliers that I wouldn’t mind seeing in my own home. –Lauren

12 Showstopping Chandeliers | Design*Sponge
This two-tier modern bulb chandelier in Pia and Jeppe's Norwegian home mixes the ornate finish of the house with the new, modern design they love.
12 Showstopping Chandeliers | Design*Sponge
The 1980s brass and lucite chandelier in Tobe's dining room complements her Milo Baughman chairs perfectly.
12 Showstopping Chandeliers | Design*Sponge
This stunning, oversized chandelier inside Eden highlights the history and beauty of the building that this sweet boutique is housed in.
12 Showstopping Chandeliers | Design*Sponge
Jennifer and David had their architect design this room around the chandelier and the hammock. The modern arms of the chandelier give it simplicity and an airy feeling.
12 Showstopping Chandeliers | Design*Sponge
The caged, brass chandelier in Corbin and Corley's dining room tops off the light and bright traditional design extremely well.
12 Showstopping Chandeliers | Design*Sponge
The luxurious feel of this drop chandelier is unmistakeable in this transitional kitchen. The lighting selection elevates Candis and Andy's space with a bold, ornate look.
12 Showstopping Chandeliers | Design*Sponge
Tienlyn and Nikko's farmhouse bedroom is set off with an IKEA chandelier resembling blown glass.
12 Showstopping Chandeliers | Design*Sponge
Mid-century and modern elements are softened with a vintage brass chandelier in Amy Carrillo's dining room.
12 Showstopping Chandeliers | Design*Sponge
The whimsical design of this bead chandelier adds a sophisticated and fun vibe to Jeanine and Bryan's living room.
12 Showstopping Chandeliers | Design*Sponge
This renovated home in Dublin was given extra glamor with a brass chandelier and dark ceiling.
12 Showstopping Chandeliers | Design*Sponge
This dining room's laid-back style is finished with a gorgeous chandelier in Danielle's upstate New York home.
12 Showstopping Chandeliers | Design*Sponge
The floral motif chandelier is the focal point of Frances and Thaddeus' Victorian living room.

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  • beautiful lighting is essential
    and a good ceiling fixture can totally make a room

    for me though, I cannot live with a bare light bulb.
    I don’t care what kind it is, how cool, how interesting –
    if its a bare light……… no.