Studio Tour

Studio Tour: Guts & Glory

by Garrett Fleming

Since meeting five years ago, partners Faun Chapin and Meg Paradise have done some pretty incredible things together. As a pair, they’ve raised a piglet, gone on enough antique shopping sprees to last a lifetime (if that’s possible) and, as of six months ago, have even gone into business together. This latest venture, Guts & Glory, is “a design studio that specializes in building well-crafted brands rooted in big ideas.”

A go-to studio for everything from logos to website design, Guts & Glory is conveniently located inside the couple’s new home in Oakland, CA. “Our friends describe our space as the Brooklyn loft that you always dreamed of but could never afford,” the ex-New Yorkers tell us. Twenty years worth of vintage finds and eclectic furniture decorate their gorgeous live/work space, and two skylights consistently splash the loft with radiant sunbeams.

Oftentimes, that sunlight finds itself dancing across the red hair of these two bibliophiles as they sit at their vintage table, their noses in books pulled from their extensive at-home library. The home for their book collection — a custom, built-in cabinet — required a full week of construction to get right, but the results are truly stunning. On its many shelves, amidst secondhand finds, sit tombs on design, a few personal favorites, and all means of inspiration for Guts & Glory’s work. Click through to glimpse where this happy couple rests their heads and burns the midnight oil. Enjoy! —Garrett

Photography courtesy of Alanna Hale


Studio Tour: Guts & Glory, Design*Sponge
Sitting around this vintage table, the founders of Guts & Glory dine, play games, work and comb through the enviable library the two house in a custom piece they commissioned. Upon move-in, the couple also installed this retro light fixture from All Modern, an obvious choice that seamlessly fits with the space's throwback design.
Studio Tour: Guts & Glory, Design*Sponge
Meg Paradise (left) and Faun Chapin (right) truly embody the collision of work and life. Not only are they life and business partners, they also live and work from this pretty space in Oakland, CA. Their company Guts & Glory is a one-stop shop for all things branding - from logo design and packaging to web development.
Studio Tour: Guts & Glory, Design*Sponge
The couple's French bulldog Ducky is a master at staring contests. The setting of today's battle is in front of a collection of vintage paintings and diagrams. "We love the stories of these portraits: who made them, why, (and) the different levels of skill," Faun tells us.
Studio Tour: Guts & Glory, Design*Sponge
Faun and Meg hard at work. Ducky hard at not working. "The building [was] recently renovated, and we’re the first tenants in the space. We very much saw it as a blank slate with lots of creative opportunities," the imaginative duo tells us.
Studio Tour: Guts & Glory, Design*Sponge
"Faun spent a year hoarding all of these unused, vintage postcards from eBay. Many of them feature office parks and government buildings. The more boring the better! We then worked with our favorite letterpress studio The Cranky Pressman to gold-foil stamp 3,000 of them with our studio name. It’s hard for Faun to let go of these because they are all one-offs," Meg explains.
Studio Tour: Guts & Glory, Design*Sponge
The main living area is decorated with collected vintage finds. "We are currently obsessed with natural wood and leather colors mixed with black and bright whites," they share. To infuse pops of color into the neutral color scheme, vibrant plants are peppered throughout the space. Rug by The Land of Nod.
Studio Tour: Guts & Glory, Design*Sponge
One-year-old Petunia is always on the lookout for the occasional scrap to make its way onto the second-story's kitchen floor.
Studio Tour: Guts & Glory, Design*Sponge
Unlike the rest of the studio, the bedroom gets very little light. Keeping that in mind, Faun and Meg have purposefully chosen bright and cheery decor to liven up the space. "For our 4th anniversary, Meg commissioned New Bohemia Signs to create this custom, hand-painted sign above the bed which sums up our philosophy on life and love: 'To the Adventure,'" Faun tells us. The pink and white diamonds on the dresser to the left are particularly special to the couple as well. They used the glittering pieces to pop the question to one another.
Studio Tour: Guts & Glory, Design*Sponge
The bedside table is vintage, and the flamingo pillowcases are from West Elm. Faun and Meg paired them both with these tropical pillows to create the jungle look they adore.

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