Fine Art Focus: Yuko Yamamoto

by Grace Bonney

Artists who can turn everyday paper into beautiful works of art will always be my idols. Tiny scissors and X-acto knives are useless in my hands, but in their hands incredible things can happen. I’ve shared some of my favorite paper artists here before, but today I want to focus on one artist in particular who has mastered not just paper cutting, but watercolor and illustration as well: Yuko Yamamato.

Yuko Yamamoto is a talented Japanese artist who draws inspiration from the natural world for her work. From delicate paper flowers to ethereal watercolor drawings, Yuko’s artwork has such a softness to it and mimics the way delicate branches and petals move. Read on to learn more about Yuko and her work below. xo, grace

Artist: Yuko Yamamoto
About: Yuko was born in Japan in 1977. She received her degree from Kyoto Seika University in textile design.
Work: Yuko works in a variety of media, from cut paper and water color to illustration and product design.
More: You can read more about Yuko and her work right here and here.


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  • Such lovely work, and that papercut!! If you are looking for more paper artists you should check out Elizabeth Shanks. She similarly is inspired by forms in nature and has some beautiful work!