Fine Art Focus: Nadine Ijewere

by Grace Bonney

I don’t know if I’ve ever fallen as hard — or as quickly — for an artist’s work as I did with photographer Nadine Ijewere. Nadine’s mother and father were Jamaican and Nigerian, but Nadine always struggled to feel as connected to her roots as she wanted, because she was raised in London. In an interview with I-D, she said she, “remembers being jealous of friends who were more connected to their traditions.” So Nadine studied at the London College of Fashion and focused on fashion photography, which led her to create incredibly lush and expertly styled shoots that explored different world cultures through identity and fashion.

Her series “The Misrepresentation of Representation” explores “beauty” and the way it’s affected, and in some ways defined, by culture. She also set out to create a stunning series of portraits that use flowers to explore cultural diversity and “the relationship between identifying oneself and the meaning of beauty.” I could look at these photos and examine their intricate details for hours. There is so much said in each woman’s face and there’s such a rich history told in the set-styling as well. If you haven’t checked out Nadine’s work before, please stop everything and go check out her website and Instagram feed now. I promise you’ll be glad you did. xo, grace

Artist: Nadine Ijewere
About: Nadine is a London-based fashion and portrait photographer. She graduated from London College of Fashion with a BA in Fashion Photography.
More: You can follow Nadine on Instagram, check out her website and read her interviews in I-D, Lazy Oaf and Indie Magazine.

All photography (c) Nadine Ijewere. Images via NadineIjewere.com

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