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DIY Projects & Pops of Color Modernize a Virginian Colonial

by Garrett Fleming

Packing up and shipping out comes with the territory when your pop’s a pilot. Just ask Brad Lindow’s family. Over the past decade, his job has taken them to eight cities all across America, none of which they’ve lived in for longer than 18 months. When the news came that Brad’s latest assignment would mean a move to Williamsburg, VA, he, his wife Suzy and their two daughters made a decision. Eager to lay down roots and finally unpack every box they’d lugged around for 10 years, the family decided it was time to take the plunge into homeownership. No more compromising and no more rentals for these four.

Since they’d never bought a home before, the family wasn’t quite sure what to expect from their Virginian house hunt. As it turns out, it was an unusually quick process. Suzy only had to search for two weeks before coming across a gem she simply had to show Brad. Fifteen minutes into walking the property, he too realized the home was just right. The 2,400-square-foot Colonial was that good. “Sometimes you just get lucky at the slots on the first pull!” Suzy exclaims.

While the Colonial was move-in ready, Suzy and Brad knew a little gussying up would make it truly sing. With the help of a lot of caffeine and an eagerness that only comes with owning your first home, the thrifty couple buckled down and took on the renovations themselves — something not out of the ordinary for these two. “We work well as a team. [Brad’s] very organized and pragmatic when working on a project, and I have the design vision and fearless, let’s-just-give-it-a-go approach to DIY,” Suzy says. Together they painted the entire home and installed wooden floors throughout the space, all of which left Suzy with a perfectly-blank slate primed for decorating to her heart’s content.

The opportunity to finally decorate her home the way she wanted to was something Suzy had dreamed of for years. In their previous rentals, she would consciously work within a style she thought friends and colleagues would approve of, never putting her own tastes first. Clean, catalog-like living rooms and modern, stark design ran wild. Sitting in the contemporary homes she’d anxiously designed, she longed for a home with “a big, boisterous mix of colors and bold patterns, vintage finds, and quirky touches.” The second she became a homeowner, however, a lightbulb went on. The freedom that came with not having to answer to a landlord was all the confidence she needed to make her home distinctly hers. Click through to see every bit of DIY, stenciling and decorating Suzy’s done to give her family’s home the bright and one-of-a-kind look she’s always dreamed of. Enjoy! —Garrett

Photography courtesy of Suzy Lindow

DIY & Pops of Color Modernize a Virginian Colonial, Design*Sponge
For years, Suzy was preoccupied with decorating her rentals in a style she thought guests and others would admire. Once she and Brad took the leap and bought a home, she finally felt free to decorate with layers of vintage goods, "lots of color, pattern, and design styles." She loves how they "give [each] room life and character."
DIY & Pops of Color Modernize a Virginian Colonial, Design*Sponge
A shot of Suzy, Brad, Savvy, and Sloane on the front porch. Having all four of them in one spot is a rarity. This family is always on the run. The craziness can get a bit overwhelming at times, but Suzy says, "I wouldn’t change it for the world, it’s such a crazy-fun ride."
DIY & Pops of Color Modernize a Virginian Colonial, Design*Sponge
The family lived in California before making the move to Virginia, so many of their finds - like this rug, chair and the globe collection, are from vintage shops out West. The shopping trip that led to this awesome set of globes was a challenge. Trying to wrangle two cranky toddlers and nine globes was worth it in the end, though. The collection gets more attention than any other spot in the home.
DIY & Pops of Color Modernize a Virginian Colonial, Design*Sponge
The living room is designed to enthrall house guests so much that they can't resist staying longer than expected. "The mix of colors and patterns and styles makes up a space that reflect(s) my own personal values: don’t ever take yourself too seriously, and always try to be interesting," Suzy explains.
DIY & Pops of Color Modernize a Virginian Colonial, Design*Sponge
Wallpaper wasn't in the budget when it came time to update the half bath. Always-resourceful Suzy wasn't bothered. She just popped out a gold Sharpie and a ruler and gave the room a one-of-a-kind pattern. The mirror was found on Craigslist, and the vanity is from IKEA.
DIY & Pops of Color Modernize a Virginian Colonial, Design*Sponge
"The geodes' shapes make [the bathroom] feel like the inside of one big jewelry box," Suzy says. For her, no space is complete without a dash of neon. Here, a simple "Love" sign from Made By Girl adds the pop of color she was looking for.
DIY & Pops of Color Modernize a Virginian Colonial, Design*Sponge
Pulling rooms together on a shoestring budget is one of Suzy's specialties, and the dining room is a great indicator of her knack for saving. She had a very clear vision for the room and combed through pages and pages of Craigslist listings until she found the secondhand pieces she was looking for. Suzy's husband Brad, a pilot, took the pretty cloud images on the far wall, and the rug is vintage.
DIY & Pops of Color Modernize a Virginian Colonial, Design*Sponge
DIY & Pops of Color Modernize a Virginian Colonial, Design*Sponge
Keeping the walls in Savvy's room a stark white meant Suzy could layer in colors of all kinds to brighten up the bedroom. The little door to the right is so unique - Suzy couldn't leave it plain white, though. To make it stand out, she mod-podged marbled paper onto it. Target, Overstock and IKEA pieces outfit the rest of the room, and the pink pouf is from Fab.
DIY & Pops of Color Modernize a Virginian Colonial, Design*Sponge
Each girl's room has one extra-special touch. For Savvy's it was the mini, marbled door. Sloane's, on the other hand, gets this dramatic peacock chair. It could have come straight from any number of high-end, vintage shops, but Suzy snagged it on Craigslist for a steal. A DIY banner inspired by the work of Castle and Things, butterflies from a trip to Thailand, and art prints from Made By Girl decorate the wall behind the crib. It sits on a rug from Rugs USA.
DIY & Pops of Color Modernize a Virginian Colonial, Design*Sponge
Across the room from Sloane's crib is a DIY pom-pom piece by Suzy. "Since I already did a little gallery wall on the opposite side of my youngest daughter’s room, I needed something unique, and cheap, to create a big, visual impact on this wall above her toy shelf. A couple dozen skeins of colorful yarn, a foraged stick from the woods in our backyard, and a few glasses of wine later, and it remains one of [our home's] biggest crowd-pleasers," she explains.
DIY & Pops of Color Modernize a Virginian Colonial, Design*Sponge
They may be a bit of a nuisance when it comes time to tuck into bed, but Suzy believes that "no room's complete without four or five pillows too many." The vintage quilt from India accompanies pillows from Etsy and T.J. Maxx bedding.
DIY & Pops of Color Modernize a Virginian Colonial, Design*Sponge
The "Endless Summer" print's brilliant hues aren't the only reason it caught Suzy's eye. It reminds her so much of the time she and Brad spent living near the beach in Southern California. It hangs to the left of the couple's bed, above a pillow Suzy made.
DIY & Pops of Color Modernize a Virginian Colonial, Design*Sponge
This giant Thayer Coggin sectional (a stellar Craigslist get) can comfortably seat 10 people. Some of the couple's favorite nights are those spent entertaining friends while the kids play and lounge right here. Above the sofa is Suzy's favorite piece of art in her home: a vintage, framed textile direct from an artisan in Africa.
DIY & Pops of Color Modernize a Virginian Colonial, Design*Sponge
For years Suzy and Brad collected artwork, only to see it stored in the closets of their small rentals. Now that they have so much more wall space, the gallery of their dreams is a reality. It includes a photo of Savvy playing, another reminder of the family's time in Southern California. Suzy says the look came together quite organically. "I didn’t really plan it out or think about it. [I] just took the 'hammer-now-think-later' approach I usually take [with] DIY projects, and thankfully, it turned out even better than expected." The indigo pillows are from Oriental Bazar.
DIY & Pops of Color Modernize a Virginian Colonial, Design*Sponge
Suzy and Brad's two-story home was built in 1995. With bedrooms on the second floor and open-concept living on the first, the home is the perfect match for the Lindow family.

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