Fine Art Focus: Mao Lizi

by Grace Bonney

Sometimes a bold splash of color is all I need to (visually) wake myself up and climb out of a design rut. I’ve always loved artists who specialize in paintings that look like paint has been dripped, splattered or even punched onto a canvas. Those amazing bits of texture and movement convey so much emotion and energy — it’s hard not to be moved by viewing them. So today I wanted to highlight an amazing artist working in this style: Mao Lizi of Shanghai.

Mao was born in 1950 and has worked and shown his paintings across the globe. He was a founding member of the Chinese avant-garde art scene and continues to inspire people with his bold paintings and vivid style. Read on to learn more about Mao and his work — and where to view more online. xo, grace

Artist: Mao Lizi
About: Mao was born in Shanghai, China in 1950. Though he was initially a self-taught painter, Mao received a Master of Arts degree from the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing and now lives and works between Paris and Beijing. Working across multiple disciplines, Mao is known for his paintings, design work and architecture. He is also known as a pioneer of the Chinese avant-garde movement.
Work: Mao’s powerful paintings focus on the vastness of space and convey intense movement and emotion in both brush strokes and color choices.
More: You can read more about Mao’s work here, here and here.

All artwork (c) Mao Lizi. Images via Artsy and Wide Walls. Portait via Park View Arts


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  • I love these paintings. I don’t have the words to say why. Obviously I could never be an art critic!

    I’ve never sought out a fine art blog, but I really appreciate this series for broadening my horizons and getting me interested. I also appreciate that you’re featuring more male artists in this series to go into the mix with all the amazing female artists you’ve featured.

  • The flower series is rich and spectacular. Color, form. Wish a couple were available as prints; originals out of my league.