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Shop Tour: A Stroll Through India’s Serendipity Delhi

by Garrett Fleming

You may remember Serendipity Delhi from our recent roundup of Inspiring Indian Instagram Feeds. I’m sure the shop’s melange of delicately-draped clothing and luxurious furniture stuck with you as much as it did me. I was so enthralled by the brand, I reached out to self-taught textile and furniture designer Kuldeep Kaur, the woman behind the remarkable store, to learn more about how it came to be.

After returning from an inspiring trip to Morocco, Kuldeep stumbled upon this old  “haveli,” a large, Indian home that surrounds a courtyard. The structure, unfortunately, was in a state of total disrepair. The courtyard was a mud pit, the once-grandiose home had been chopped up and turned into workers’ quarters, and paint was chipping off of every wall. But the bones of the structure were perfect in Kuldeep’s eyes. Behind the grime were beautiful columns, colored glass, and the opportunity to finally open a brick-and-mortar store of her own. The lucky find was a serendipitous sign; the push she needed to bring the shop to life.

Her 20 years of design experience proved invaluable when it came time to renovate. Once the clean-up crew restored the haveli back to its original splendor, Kuldeep went about adorning it with the vintage decor, reupholstered furniture and one-of-a-kind textiles Serendipity Delhi has become known for. Today, shoppers can stroll through seven open-air rooms of goods while sipping on coffee they’ve snagged from the shop’s cafe. If they’re lucky, customers may even catch one of the space’s literary or artistic events.

One day, I hope to make it to India and visit the shop. How splendid it would be to enjoy a coffee while taking in the sunny property. Until I can leave chilly Chicago behind, I’ll just have to escape through these pretty snapshots. Click through to poke around the gorgeous grounds yourself. Enjoy! —Garrett

Photography by Serendipity Delhi

Shop Tour: A Stroll Through India's
Twenty years of experience designing furniture and textiles, as well as curating vintage goods, prepped Kuldeep Kaur for the task of turning this old home into her shop.
Shop Tour: A Stroll Through India's
The shop, Serendipity Delhi, is located in what once was a haveli, a "... traditional-style home with an open, central courtyard with rooms surrounding it." It had fallen into disrepair after being converted into a warehouse and living quarters for workers. Years of trucks carrying goods to and from the warehouse had turned the courtyard into a mud pit.
Shop Tour: A Stroll Through India's
Nowadays, shoppers are greeted by this lush view when they enter the courtyard. A trip to Fez, Morocco inspired the shop's look.
Shop Tour: A Stroll Through India's
The shop's guests can enjoy a coffee in this pretty room off of the courtyard. A Pichhwai painting narrating the story of Krishna as well as Otomi-inspired furniture and vintage paintings give guests an idea of all of the wonders Serendipity Delhi has to offer.
Shop Tour: A Stroll Through India's
One of the courtyard's nooks highlights light fixtures, pots and rattan seating sold by the shop.
Shop Tour: A Stroll Through India's
Serendipity Delhi's hanging light fixtures are reminiscent of jewels on a string.
Shop Tour: A Stroll Through India's
Blooming bougainvilleas greet shoppers at the top of the shop's staircase. These mint doors with pressed, blue glass were inspired by the home's original details, and have become the shop's most identifiable feature.
Shop Tour: A Stroll Through India's
The top-floor great room's chairs are upholstered in hand-block fabric, and their seats are made of royal blue velvet. They sit under vintage art prints of birds. The blue cypress hand-block textile covering the chairs to the left has become a Serendipity Delhi signature.
Shop Tour: A Stroll Through India's
A wider view of the renovated top floor reveals the shop's vintage wall sconces, furniture collection, and vintage artwork.
Shop Tour: A Stroll Through India's
This Turkish, 1950s-inspired piece is upholstered in Indian pink velvet. The floral embroidery was done by hand.
Shop Tour: A Stroll Through India's
Kuldeep's ever-present, (and fashionable) right-hand women keep the shop running smoothly. (From left to right: Vaishnavi Varadarajan, Naintara Singh, Shayla Singh, Amita Singh, Vasudha Varadarajan.)
Shop Tour: India's
Vintage wall sconces found at a flea market decorate the top floor's walls.
Shop Tour: A Stroll Through India's
The bedroom display looks out over the entire structure through these beautiful columns. Cloth-bound books and vintage artwork set the stage for the Serendipity Delhi bedding collection to shine. Part of the collection are these Kantha coverlets. This style of embroidery involves stitching together layers of saris and other fabrics.
Shop Tour: A Stroll Through India's
A miniature painting of a prince in full regalia decorates the veranda.
Shop Tour: A Stroll Through India's
An antique cupboard holds numerous hand-block-printed quilts.
Shop Tour: A Stroll Through India's
The clothing section is styled to resemble a lush changing room.
Shop Tour: A Stroll Through India's
Hand-block-printed kurtas hang in the changing room. These loose-fitting shirts are typically worn over pants by both men and women. A daybed and hand-carved mirror create an alluring, inviting vibe.

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