An Eclectic 1950s Ranch House For Family and Furry Friends

by Sabrina Smelko

After immigrating from Brazil nearly two decades ago, Patricia Kohlhepp landed in Monterey, CA, where she met her husband, Allen, a market researcher specializing in qualitative research. After stints living in Washington and Georgia, the couple returned home to sunny California and settled in Corte Madera in Marin County. Nestled in the foothills of Mt. Tamalpais, they found and renovated this 1950s three-bedroom ranch, close to parks, bike paths, waterways and their daughters’ schools. As a previous school teacher herself, Patricia’s natural desire for all things creative is what led her to start her own textile business. While raising a family, Patricia also runs Wanderluster Bazaar, which sells one-of-a-kind products made from vintage textiles she sources globally. Just like her products, her home is awash with eclecticism. Rather than sticking to a singular style or trend, Patricia’s interiors are accented with mixes of classic staple pieces from across the globe.

Cultivated and colorful with surprising pops of color around every corner, the family home is anything but precious. On top of running the vintage textile shop Wanderluster Bazaar, Patricia opens her home up to dogs of all kinds (although mostly pugs) through her dog walking and boarding business, Wanderlust Dogs. On any given day, their 2,500-square-foot ranch home is filled with family and dogs, including their own schnauzers, Maggie and Samba. “Yes,” Patricia laughs, “I am the crazy [dog] lady!” Due to this, the renovations the family embarked on when they first moved in made for a chaotic and exhausting few months, which is just the way Patricia likes it. “Everything happened pretty quickly, because I like to move fast!” she says. “We had great contractors and sometimes it felt like a zoo with our dogs, the contractor’s dog, our chickens, and all of the materials strewn about the yard, but it worked out.”

The home offers great views from its location on a small hill, plenty of privacy and some of the only redwoods in all of Corte Madera. Although each day can be a bit of a whirlwind, the family couldn’t be any happier with the outcome and to have a cozy, welcoming space to call home. “Now I’m ready to move and do it all over again,” Patricia half-jokes. –Sabrina

Photography by Matt McCourtney

This is one half of the colorful family room with vaulted ceilings, which is by far the most used room in the house. "It's where we have family movie nights and host game nights," Patricia shares. The paper lantern is an Akari Noguchi, the IB Kofod Larsen Selig Danish chair was an Etsy purchase, and the rug is from West Elm. The art on the walls is a collection of new and old pieces and the pillows on the sofa are a mix of those purchased from Etsy and pillows created by Patricia.
On one wall in the living room sits a bench below a large photograph of Rio de Janeiro which has been with the family for many years. This is Patricia and Samba, the family schnauzer.
"I love plants," Patricia says, "I grew up around a lot of them... My grandma lived in a tiny studio and about 40% of her place was occupied by plants. So it always brings me back to my childhood." The shelf system is from VITSOE, the planters are from Modernica, the vases and bookends are Jonathan Adler, and the acrylic coffee table is from Wisteria.
On any given day, the family home is filled with pugs. "I have a dog walking business and I pretty much only walk pugs," Patricia says, "The black one is Mabel and the fawn one is Millie. They are the most amazing dog beings that I've ever met!"
Home To Family and Furry Friends, A Cultivated and Eclectic 1950's Ranch House
"My husband and I love music and go to concerts pretty frequently," Patricia explains, and this corner in the living room is where the couple unwinds and listens to their records. The hanging chair is from Serena & Lily, the pillow is from Wanderluster Bazaar, the table lamps and giclee prints are from Jonathan Adler, the rug is from Pottery Barn, and the Moroccan mid-century coffee table was another great Etsy find.
One of the themes of the family's home decor is incorporating big, fun pieces, such as this Franco Albini rattan ottoman they purchased on eBay and a Moroccan pouf from Etsy. Above the fireplace is a mirror which was a gift to Patricia from her husband. The vintage Jens Rison chair was bought from an antique dealer in Georgia.
The entryway which, Patricia says, "features my small attempt to not lose our keys and glasses anymore!" The walnut mirror / shelf is by Blu Dot and the marble key ring is from Anthropologie. The "hello" brass sign is from West Elm.
The dining room and kitchen, which they gutted and renovated in just a few short months. "I love and hate the open kitchen," Patricia says. "I love that I get to be around people when I cook, but I hate that I feel pressured to have it super clean at all times." The dining room's mid-century table was bought on eBay and the fiberglass chairs are from Modernica.
The happy guest bathroom was the the last remodel done in the home. "It was over 50 years old and everything was salmon-colored," Patricia comments. The tile is from Granada Tile, the small wood bench is from Serena & Lily, the medicine cabinet is from Restoration Hardware and the sconces are from Jonathan Adler.
Kayla's room. "[She] plays guitar and sings," Patricia begins, "and I think [her room] matches her fun, artsy personality," although she adds that it rarely looks this clean and organized! The day bed is from West Elm and most of the pillows are from Patricia's own Wanderluster Bazaar.
A cozy corner in Kayla's room, which is home to a rattan chair from Roost Home. The skateboard is from Proof Lab and the pillow is from Amber Interiors.
"Jade moved from her father's home in Brazil just over a year ago," Patricia explains, "and I wanted to make sure she had a welcoming, happy room." The kilim rug is from Amber Interiors, the bed is from IKEA, and the lumbar pillow is from John Robshaw.
In Jade's room is plenty of wall art. "My favorite piece of art in this room is the cactus garden painting by Art & People from Etsy," Patricia explains, "I contacted the artist, Laura, and asked her to custom make this painting from one of her prints."
The master bedroom is just as young, bold and colorful as the children's spaces. Before the renovation, this room was very small. The addition they added made it more functional, but the decor still keeps it cozy. In this room is another beautiful kilim rug from Amber Interiors. The large print above the bed is from Samantha French and the vintage Eames chair was a Craigslist find.
"My favorite thing to do at home is having our friends over for a game night," Patricia shares. "Playing Cards Against Humanity is a good way to get to know people pretty fast."

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  • This house is so cheerful and fun! Love all of it! Any source info on the headboard in the master bedroom? It’s incredible.

    • Hi there,

      Thank you! The headboard is a a Walnut slab that I found on Craigslist. It was actually a coffee table that I turned into the headboard.

  • Fun and simple….love it.
    What are your white paint colors if you don’t mind….
    I would love if these posts could include paint colors….it would be so helpful!

    • Hi Kimberly,

      Thank you! Pretty much the whole house is painted in Swiss Coffee by Benjamin Moore.

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  • Beautiful home full of patterns, stories and love. I visited Monterrey 10 years ago and I left calm and happy…perfect setting for your gorgeous family space! x

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