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DIY Marbled Clay Hooks

by Grace Bonney

As my necklace collection grows, I find it gets harder to organize them in an effective way. I’ve used a standing necklace tree in the past, but most of my necklaces are too long for it so they rest on the dresser and become tangled.

I’ve really liked using these DIY clay hooks instead – I hung them at the perfect height above my dresser and keep my favorite necklaces on it. Or, you can always hang it by your front door as a key rack instead. Kathleen Ballos



-Oven bake clay (in two colors)
-cutting mat
-clay roller
-strong glue
-tin foil
-paper (with printed hexagon)
-balsa wood (about 9 ½” by 3”)
-metal frame loops
-parchment paper
-craft knife


Step 1: On the paper, print out or draw a hexagon that is about 2 ½” across (from tip to tip). Draw a 2” by ½” rectangle extension centered on one side of the hexagon. Cut out.


Step 2: Knead both colors of clay to warm them up and roll into snakes. Twist the two colors together and knead together until marbled.


Step 3: On parchment paper (over the cutting mat), use the clay roller to roll the clay to a thickness of about ¼”.


Step 4: Place the template on the clay and use the craft knife to cut out three of the hexagons.


Step 5: Place the three clay hexagons onto a parchment paper lined baking sheet and curl the rectangular extensions over to form a hook. Place a piece of rolled up tin foil under the hook to support it. Bake according to package instructions. Let cool.


Step 6: Glue the clay hooks onto the balsa wood, measuring to keep them centered.


Step 7: Press the metal frame loops into the balsa wood (or glue in place if your loops aren’t hooked).






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  • These are beautiful, but I’m wondering about durability – seems like they’d break pretty easily, particularly with daily use for things like keys?

    • Kimithy

      As a kid I had clay hooks for all my play jewelry and never had a problem with them breaking (I tossed them when I moved out after college)- but these definitely are meant for light delicate things: keys, rings, jewelry, etc. I wouldn’t ever use these for coats or heavier items.