Printable Freebie: Holiday Gift Card Holder

by Garrett Fleming

Printable Freebie: Holiday Gift Card Holder, Design*Sponge

This Christmas, my cousins and I are instituting a new family tradition called “The Gift Card Games.” Each person will bring a gift card in an unmarked envelope, and we will all play to win the various treats! Without a doubt, my gift card will come wrapped in today’s free printable download from graphic designer Penelope Dullaghan. The watercolor and linocut expert’s poinsettia pattern is pretty perfect, in my opinion, as one of my favorite color combinations is red and navy. While Penelope has strategically designed this printable to hold gift cards, I love the idea of simply wrapping up a note inside. Click here to wrap your own gift card in this pretty paper. Enjoy! —Garrett

Photography by Penelope Dullaghan

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