Best of the Web + Dance Video Clips

by Grace Bonney

In another life, I think I was a dancer. Nothing moves me quite the way dance does, and when it’s combined with a particularly amazing piece of music, nothing else can distract me from being completely and totally engrossed in that great expression of joy and movement. Lately I’ve been watching a ton of dance video/choreography clips, so I thought it might be fun to wrap up this week with something a little different. These are my four favorite clips right now, but I’d love to know what dance videos inspire you. I am always looking for clips to add to my collection of things to watch when I need a little pick-me-up. Until Monday, best wishes for a safe and happy weekend with lots of dancing- and happy Hanukkah to everyone celebrating on Sunday! xo, grace

*ps: My 2016 hair goal is Koharu Sugawara’s current ‘do. (Below, center)



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