D*S Essay Contest Winner…

by Grace Bonney

Last week’s essay contest was one of the most moving things I’ve experienced here at the site so far. The emails — not to mention the essays themselves — we received were some of the most thoughtful I’ve ever read. First and foremost, thank you to everyone who took the time to share their voice and their story with us here. Every single entry was a joy to read and I look forward to reading much more of all of your writing. To the finalists, thank you for having the courage to share your stories here in front of such a wide audience. You did so with open hearts and open minds and I think that was exactly how they were received.

Now that the voting has come to an end, I’m happy to announce the winner of our first-ever essay contest…

Liberty Lausterer!


Congratulations to Liberty and everyone else who was a finalist this year. Liberty will be receiving a $500 prize and we will be sure to continue reaching out to all of the amazing writers who entered to hopefully contribute more here at DS in the future.

We will be back tomorrow with regular content. Until then, please take a moment to check out all of this year’s finalists if you haven’t already! xo, grace

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  • Congratulations, Liberty, well done! It was a honor to be your fellow finalist and to be amongst some amazing writers.

    Thanks for hosting this contest, Grace! I enjoyed the opportunity, and hope there will be more in the future.

  • Congrats to Liberty and thanks DS for the amazing summer short reading. I have to say I tried and failed at voting. All the stories were so wonderful.

  • Congratulations to Liberty! And, to you Grace Bonney for sponsoring this contest! I would have agreed with any one of the essays being labeled the winner because they were all so thoughtful, honest, creative, and beautifully written. What a pleasure this has been!

  • I’m just (trying to) ending an extremely busy period of my life and haven’t had time to go through the list of the contestants. I have just earmarked this post and shall faithfully go through every single contribution.
    Thank you all for making this possible and for being such an inspiring source of thoughtful, fun & informative blog posts. I’m very grateful.
    Love to all and congratulations to Liberty AND ALL who have taken the time and energy to contribute. I KNOW I will be in for a treat. :)