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In the Kitchen With: Y. Lee’s Matcha Madeleines

by Kristina Gill


I have been following pastry cook and baker-for-hire, Y. Lee, for quite a few years. Her baking has always attracted me, and since her move to Instagram, where she uses the name Lemonpi, I have been able to follow what she eats on her faraway travels as well as her world-class meals at home in Sydney. Every couple of days she posts a photo of something delicious-looking for which I’d love to have a recipe, so when she published these Matcha Madeleines, I seized the opportunity to share with our readers. In her original post, she used a shell madeleine pan, but a regular madeleine pan works just as well.  The intensity of the glaze color will depend on the type of tea you use. Y’s glaze is similar to the color of the madeleine cake. —Kristina

Why Y likes this recipe: I’m a sucker for all things matcha and green tea-related because I like that grassy, slightly bitter flavor and the vibrant green color. Also, it reminds me of Japan, which I’ve been lucky enough to visit a few times. It pairs well with lots of things, like red fruits, citrus, chocolate… but I like it at its simplest — just a buttery green tea flavored cake or cookie, and these little cakes have been crowd-pleasers for as long as I can remember!
Matcha Madeleines

Makes 12 large shell madeleines, but also works in a normal 12-hole madeleine tray, or mini-muffin tin.

The batter must chill overnight, so remember to start one day ahead.

For the Madeleines

–  6 tablespoons / 85g unsalted butter, softened
–  1/2 cup  /  100g caster sugar
–  3 teaspoons matcha powder
–  2 eggs
–  1 cup / 130g plain flour, sifted
–  3/4 teaspoon baking powder
–  3 tablespoons + 1 teaspoon / 50g milk
pinch of sea salt

For the icing

–  3/4 cup / 100g icing sugar
–  1 tablespoon + 1 teaspoon  /   20g hot water
–  2 teaspoons  /  10g yuzu juice (or lemon; or substitute with water)
–  2 teaspoons matcha powder

To make the Madeleines

1.  In a stand mixer, cream the butter, sugar, sea salt and matcha powder until pale. Add the eggs one at a time, beating well between each addition (you’ll probably need to stop the mixer every now and then, to scrape down the sides of the bowl). Fold in the flour and the milk, and chill the batter overnight.

2.  To bake the madeleines, preheat the oven to 400 F / 200 C. Butter and lightly flour the madeleine trays. Divide the batter evenly between the molds. Bake for 11 minutes, or until cooked. They should be peaked, lightly brown and spring back lightly when pressed. Tip the baked madeleines out of the tray and allow to cool completely before icing.

To make the icing

Mix together the icing sugar and matcha powder. Thoroughly whisk in the water and juice, adding more liquid to reach the desired consistency. Brush the icing all over the madeleines and leave them to set.


1.  This is a “cakey” kind of madeleine, not so much the traditional version, so these stay moist for a few days and actually taste better the day after they are made.

2.  You can also include a bit of jasmine essence when making the batter. Jasmine and matcha are really lovely together.

3.  Also optional: After spooning the batter into the molds, press/sprinkle kuromame (candied black bean) or a few pieces of candied chestnut into the batter, or fresh fruit, like blueberries, raspberries or sliced feijoa, then bake. They all go well with the flavor of green tea.


About Y: Y was born in Malaysia and grew up in Sydney, Australia. She graduated from university with a Science degree before deciding to pursue cooking, and is now a pastry cook and baker-for-hire. She started her blog, Lemonpi, to keep a record of the things she made, and then discovered Instagram, which is where you will mostly find her baking creations these days. Her favorite things to bake at home are simple/quick bakes like shortbread cookies and single-tier cakes, which she adapts to suit her partner’s food intolerances.


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  • Mmmhh … I love matcha in all forms … Ice … Cake … Tea … Riceballs. And I will try this receipt for sure.

  • Wow! You’ve got the entire editorial department of Trove Market seriously dying to try these now. We may have to leave work early today…

  • I love Y’s blog and instagram feed – her food styling is so beautiful and the recipes she makes always sound incredible. These madeleines are no exception! I have just finished my last bag of matcha – this is a great reminder to stock up again and maybe even bake a batch of these madeleines!