D*S Essay Contest: VOTING! [Now Closed]

by Grace Bonney

After a week of wonderful essays, it is now time to vote for your favorite! First, I want to thank everyone who shared their amazing stories with us. It was an honor to hear about all of your lives, your adventures, your struggles and what home means to you. From all of us here at Design*Sponge, we thank you for sharing so much with us.

Starting today, you can vote for your favorite essay. The winner will win $500 and voting goes through Tuesday, September 1st at 10am EST. Vote below! Thank you to everyone who shared and everyone and took the time to read and vote here today. xo, grace [Image above by Pamela Jaccarino via #dscolor]

[UPDATE: Normal DS posting will resume TOMORROW, SEPT 2ND! We needed one extra day for catching up after the break. Sorry! -grace]

CLICK HERE to read all of the essay finalists here before voting (in case you missed any!)

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  • What wonderful essays. I read them all and so hard to choose but Louisa’s made me cry so I vote for her

  • What a brave and adventurous young lady Katie was at 17 years old. I still need to take a trip in a VW !

  • A worthy field of essays–wonderful reads (thanks for this contest, D*S)–but I think Katie Bennett’s stands out.

  • I don’t feel right choosing just one. Each one is beautifully written which is making it almost impossible to choose a favorite. This contest is amazing! Thanks for hosting it!

  • This wonderful essay about the sentimental treasures of home life and lost loved ones is so well written. Eliciting fond warm memories and happy times while embracing loss in life which is never easy. I was moved by this piece, I think in part because we can all relate.

  • Voting on mobile doesn’t seem to work. I can select a name, but there’s no “vote” button. Am I missing something?

  • I had the worst time picking just one. Many of you transported me right into the rhythms of your homes, neighborhoods, and lives. And several of you made me cry. Thank you so much for sharing.

  • There seems to be no button to register your vote after choosing your favorite essayist. Am I missing something?

    • Jane

      There is a voting module right below the end of this post. If you do not see it, just reload. The voting has been incredible so far so I’m pretty sure it’s working a-ok. Haven’t received any other complaints or issues so far.


      • Jane not the only one having problems. I to could not find the button to register the vote. Very hard to vote in this contest. Could not vote via mobile … ?
        I know you have your winner–but next time please consider making it easier to vote. Thanks!

        • Marie

          Only 3 people out of several thousand mentioned any problem, and I voted on mobile as a test just fine. I don’t think this was a major issue across the board. If you had a problem I wish you would have let me know before the contest ended so I could have registered your vote manually, as I did for 2 others.


  • Thank you to all the essayists and DS–,your stories were so evocative and a pleasure to read. It was hard to narrow down to only one….

  • Such a beautiful and inspiring essay. I slept in screened lodges in Namibia and Botswana several times. The most special experience.

  • I have enjoyed every single story and congratulate each finalist for sharing a window in to their ‘home’ lives. Thank you all!

  • This is a beautifully written piece that perfectly and intimately captures the day-to-day wonder of living in NYC – or any similar city really.

  • I believe I said it all in my comments on Louisa’s essay. She held the reader in the palm of her hand. We traveled the same path, suffered the same shock, felt her pain as if it was ours. Powerful writing, beautiful prose, honest. There were many beautiful essays with such wonderful, creative imagery, but this essay, left me emotionally spent, invested.

  • This was a sublime idea and I agree that this collection needs to be published.

    I have loved each story for one reason or another. The personal essays allowed me to think about my ‘home’ and what it means to me.

    We all have stories to tell…

  • All of these essays were wonderful! I am a “house person”,always have been. I love everything about making a home. I go to open houses with my (now grown daughters) on Sundays just for fodder for my dreams, despite being completely in love with my home of 19 years. The overriding theme of all of these essays is that the soul of a home isn’t the bricks and mortar, but the people who reside in them, or have resided in them or build them and those that create the community around them.
    I have enjoyed reading each and everyone, sobbing included.
    Thank you!

  • They were all so good! I’m voting for Susanna-Cole King for her wonderful evocative imagery and emotion. I loved how universal the sense of home was in her piece. Bravo.

  • I bet he’s glad you got a new front door. Wishing you much happiness for your future.