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14 Beautiful Rugs that Make a Room

by Lauren Chorpening Day

One month last summer, I bought three rugs from three separate places with no real place for them to end up in my home. I had been looking for rugs for over a year and really couldn’t commit to any, and then all of a sudden, there were so many that I had to have. Rugs are tricky that way – being the right pattern but the wrong color or the right weave but the wrong size – but some are perfect. Design*Sponge has featured so many gorgeous rugs that remarkably complete the rooms they adorn. These are some of the best rugs that have shown up on our site over the last few years. —Lauren

14 Beautiful Rugs that Make a Room | Design*Sponge
The mix of styles in this fun Philadelphia home is brought to life with this colorful kilim rug.
14 Beautiful Rugs that Make a Room | Design*Sponge
The complementary palette in Iyanla and Shane's dining room rug is beautiful and not overly common. It is colorful without being too bold for the space.
14 Beautiful Rugs that Make a Room | Design*Sponge
Megan's entire home is filled with gorgeous rugs. The mix of styles, colors and textures is set off by this yellow kilim.
14 Beautiful Rugs that Make a Room | Design*Sponge
This vintage-eclectic DIY space is grounded and given a little edge with this flatweave rug.
14 Beautiful Rugs that Make a Room | Design*Sponge
I love how Nicolette Johnson's rug mirrors the gallery wall and doesn't draw attention away from that lush, blue sofa.
14 Beautiful Rugs that Make a Room | Design*Sponge
There is so much color in this San Fransisco home tour and the rug completely finishes it.
14 Beautiful Rugs that Make a Room | Design*Sponge
Alea and Peter's cool bohemian home gets a little detail, color and eclectic style from their beautiful oriental rug.
14 Beautiful Rugs that Make a Room | Design*Sponge
The pattern of this rug gives Anna Tovar's lovely, subdued living room a spark.
14 Beautiful Rugs that Make a Room | Design*Sponge
The floral rug in Lindsey's botanical-inspired living room is absolutely great.
14 Beautiful Rugs that Make a Room | Design*Sponge
The rug in this farmhouse remodel almost takes up the entire floor, carrying the pattern throughout the space.
14 Beautiful Rugs that Make a Room | Design*Sponge
Katie and Logan's blue striped rug makes the space feel balanced in their design.
14 Beautiful Rugs that Make a Room | Design*Sponge
The combination between classic stripe and southwest vibes is incredible in Jessie Webster's dining room.
14 Beautiful Rugs that Make a Room | Design*Sponge
The pattern and color in this 1970s Peruvian rug complete the room's funky style.
14 Beautiful Rugs that Make a Room | Design*Sponge
This graphic rug brings a southwestern feel to this otherwise Scandinavian/minimal dining room in Stacy Anne Longenecker's Brooklyn home.

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  • Hi Lauren,

    Great pictures, wonderful rugs !
    Do you know cool eshops we could find nice rugs like these ones?
    Thks !


  • Beautiful rugs! I love Jesse Webster’s dining room. That kilim rug adds a nice punch of colour! I would not have thought of adding those colours in close proximity to the lime green cabinets.

    Jesse mentioned the rug was an antique. Has anyone ever looked for them in antique shops? I would have thought that they would be worn out or ‘ratty’ looking. Any thoughts?

    • Thanks for all the information Erin. It was very informative. I looked at your website. You have a beautiful collection but you are all the way in California!

      I stage a lot of properties especially vacant ones http://www.uniquehomesolutions.ca. I am pretty anal about smells coming into the house so the rugs I purchase are always brand new. If I find a beautiful Kilim rug at an antique store her in Montreal, would you wash it yourself or would that cause the colours to run.

  • Kelly, in fact, I DO know of a place where you can find rugs like these online — floorplanrugs.com.

    Full disclosure, I’m the co-founder of Floorplan, so of course I think we’re the best place to buy handmade rugs online — but more than that, we have a great collection of vintage Turkish rugs that match this style. http://www.floorplanrugs.com/collections/kilims

    Joanne, to your question about antiques, it really is a case-by-case question. Some rugs have been treated with care and are in great shape. Some rugs can be restored to almost new with a professional cleaning or repair. Some literally just need a good front/back vacuuming. In some ways, it also depends on how worn you want it to look.

    But for both hand-knotted and hand-woven rugs, the way they are made is such high quality that they are meant to last for decades. With hand-knotted rugs (plush rugs), they tend to wear better over time because they have more material in the foundation, which helps to keep their shape. With hand-woven rugs, like kilims, they, too, last for ages, but their shape can be more affected by wear and tear if they’re in a high traffic area (a rug pad helps to lessen this wear).

    In both cases, many antique rugs were colored with vegetable dyes — which means that they will mature with age, especially if exposed to prolonged sunlight. (We recommend turning it every few months if a part of the rug gets more sunlight than another.)

    And last — I love talking rugs! — kilims are largely a village art, often produced in a woman’s home, rather than a workshop. This is especially true of vintage rugs. So some of the imperfections you may find in an antique piece — an errant character, a change in color, etc — are part of their unique charm and history.

    Floorplan specializes in handmade rugs, so if you have any questions about kilims like these, or rugs in general, I’m happy to help!

  • I second the recommendation of floorplan rugs above–those are truly beautiful, wonderfully curated pieces. Actually much more beautiful than any of the rugs I saw in this slideshow, to be honest. I collect tribal rugs as well and although the rugs pictured look great in those rooms and really work with the design choices, they are mid-level quality at best (and the one in the Philadelphia apt looks like a very poor quality kilim to me). Here’s the rug dealer we like to visit in Turkey. She has an online shop now, too: http://www.hazalkilim.com

    • Thanks, Saffie! That’s always a pleasure to hear. We will be in Istanbul next week so perhaps we will have a chance to visit that shop in Ortaköy!

  • Lindsey’s botanical livingroom rug is my favorite followed by the very last one. I too am on a budget and found my tastes exceeded it. However, I found a gorgeous vintage kilim rug from Azerbaijan on ebay! It is very large, in excellent condition, and has modern colors. I snapped it up as the price was great too. Then yesterday, I scored a 100% wool flat weave black and white rug at TKMAXX for only €70! So happy in rug bliss!

  • Thanks for sharing! Everyone knows that area rugs are a tricky business. The right one can finish a space to perfection, while the wrong one can make a room feel awkward or unfinished.

  • These are gorgeous statement rugs. Amazing for bohemian designed places. Thank you for sharing.
    Spellmire is right, rugs are for risk takers. But still, I find that rugs are much better design elements than carpets, and make a much bigger statement. Also, it’s far easier to replace or to care for rugs.

  • Hi Kelly,

    The rug that is pictured is a Moldavian rug. The specificities of these rugs are the floral pattern, usually roses, and the bright colours. These rose rugs were originally used as tapestry. All moldavian rugs are one-of-the-kind (like all handmade rugs), it will be hard to find another one like this. But you can purchase similar rugs on https://www.etsy.com/shop/Rugstory , a e-shop specialized in moldavian rugs (with rose pattern). They have a large variety of rose rugs, I am sure you’ll find the one that suits you best.