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The Design Files: TDF Films

by Grace Bonney

Yesterday I took a day off to celebrate my 34th birthday mostly offline (thank you for all the kind birthday wishes!). I found myself drifting back now and then to work on an upcoming book project and to watch a few films online I’ve found I can’t get enough of, namely those from The Design Files’ TDF Films series.

Lucy Feagins has been running The Design Files since 2008 and despite having only met in person one time, I consider her one of my most trusted and respected friends and colleagues. She has grown her site not just with traffic and audience in mind, but with originality, creativity and thoughtfulness at the forefront. She’s constantly experimenting with new ways to deliver beauty content, and lately that has taken the form of 3-5 minute videos that take you deeper into the morning of a talented Australian maker or into the private home of some very special people.

I’ve been asking everyone I know sit down to watch these videos with me so I decided I should do the same with all of you, considering that we’re all people who love to see a little more closely into the lives and homes of talented artists and makers. If you’ve got time in your lunch break to watch these with headphones or in an empty office, please do. They’re beautiful little respites from the work day and I hope to see more gorgeous video content like this appear on blogs for years to come. It’s such a treat to see home tours go from static images into real moving spaces and to see what it’s like to run a business from the second you wake up in the morning. xo, grace

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