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Our Favorite D*S Kitchen Makeovers

by Lauren Chorpening Day

When I first graduated from college, I was the design assistant for an interior designer at a small firm. We mainly did kitchens and baths for new homes and renovations. I made renderings, calculated cabinet specs and picked out countertops and color palettes nonstop. Kitchens are not easy or quick. A lot of months and money go into most. Thankfully, I don’t have to make them over anymore, but I have such an overwhelming sense of respect for anyone who makes it through a kitchen remodel – big or small. Over the years, we’ve featured some really incredible transformations and designs in our Before & After column. These are some of our favorite D*S kitchen makeovers to date, and these beautiful spaces reiterate to me that all of the hard work is completely worth it. —Lauren

Our Favorite Kitchen Makeovers, Design*Sponge
Eva's kitchen remodel is one of the most drastic Before & Afters on Design*Sponge. I love the architectural elements she brought into the space and her ability to keep it rustic, traditional, modern and practical, all at once.
Our Favorite Kitchen Makeovers, Design*Sponge
Paige and Todd's kitchen renovation still leaves me a little speechless. They did almost all of the labor and tiling themselves (the subway tiles are in a herringbone pattern!), and the space is completely transformed from the small, yellow-cast kitchen it once was.
Our Favorite Kitchen Makeovers, Design*Sponge
Andrea & Malcom's kitchen design is on trend, but keeps with the style of their 200-year-old farmhouse.
Our Favorite Kitchen Makeovers, Design*Sponge
Astrid and Brian's cozy A-frame cottage combined needed storage, a practical layout and cohesive design in their small kitchen redesign. It flows so well with the rest of their quaint and beautiful home.
Our Favorite Kitchen Makeovers, Design*Sponge
Christina's kitchen was given new paint, hardware, floors and a custom shelving system. Her kitchen shows that big improvement doesn't have to cost a ton.
Our Favorite Kitchen Makeovers, Design*Sponge
Brooke and Adam's modern kitchen renovation replaced the original mid-century kitchen when bugs were found. The new design is cool, bright and fits perfectly into the original style of the home.
Our Favorite Kitchen Makeovers, Design*Sponge
Sarah's kitchen update changed her previous "tragically outdated," yellowy oak kitchen to neutral, clean materials and fixtures that look effortless and modern.
Our Favorite Kitchen Makeovers, Design*Sponge
Nathan and Maria's minimalist kitchen is beautiful and sleek. The accessories and dining furniture they've used in the space adds the perfect amount of interest.
Our Favorite Kitchen Makeovers, Design*Sponge
Brittany's DIY kitchen was done on a budget and looks incredibly high-end (I mean, brass fixtures?! So nice). The dark base cabinets really make the kitchen look like the work of a design team.
Our Favorite Kitchen Makeovers, Design*Sponge
Alanna's bold and rustic space was once a "cookie-cutter," traditional kitchen with rich wood cabinets. Her mix of natural materials with bright pink is unexpected and makes the kitchen feel playful.
Our Favorite Kitchen Makeovers, Design*Sponge
Will and Jenny's dream kitchen is so bright and inviting. I love that they added personal objects and artwork to the open shelving. Kitchens always seem to get left out when it comes to details like that.

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  • Wow these kitchen makeovers are stunning! I’ve been thinking of convincing my parents to go white with their older oat cabinets and I think these posts could help me to convince them!

  • It is interesting that every single “after” kitchen has white walls. But I love them all.

  • To each her own, but open shelving to me seems like a recipe for a dusty, sticky, and cluttery mess for all but the most attentive home-keepers (or people who don’t actually cook.) I need to hide my mismatched dinnerware and my food; I am not bending down for anything I use all the time.

    I do love white in the kitchen, and the brass hardware- so shiny!

    It is also nice to see several kitchens re-done with some of the old elements- thank you.

    • Hi Laura

      We’re not bending down for anything- everything we use on a daily basis is on those shelves or in the first drawer (silverware).

      If you check my Instagram feed you can see the shelf still looks the same. No clutter, no sticky (?) mess. We pared down to the pieces we use most so they’re constantly in rotation and being cleaned. If these were over the stove, yes, I would be concerned about a mess, but they’re on the opposite wall.


  • I love that Brooke and Adam put a cool piece of art (and pretty large-scale at that) in the kitchen. Seeing more and more of that lately. Yay for art in every room! Said the painter… :) Great post!

  • I like all these, and especially love Brittany’s dark blue cabinets (navy forms a large part of my dreams!). We have open IKEA shelving either side of our stove – which hold our mugs and glasses – and they constantly have an icky layer of something in them, which is so frustrating! We are really clean people, honestly! But can’t get around this problem. So – I really like open shelving, but we are sadly going to replace ours. That’s my pennyworth – sorry it was a lot of rambling!

    • Maya

      Having any open shelving near a stove is always risky because of grease. If you’re up for it, having them on the opposite wall always helps.


  • These are so inspiring and beautiful! I really love that many of them replace the above counter shelving with open shelves. My question about this is the resulting loss of storage space. To anyone who has made a change like this in their kitchen – is it a problem having less space, or did you add storage space somewhere else, or did having less space result in paring down what kind of items you kept?

  • Open shelving is alluring and clean, although it doesn’t work for me on a practical basis. Good for the homeowners/cooks who can pull it off, though, because it’s a gorgeous look.
    Am scratching my head over the decommissioning of the exterior door to what looks like a sweet little patio in Eva’s kitchen. I’d love to hear the story behind that.

  • I have a shelf either side of the cooker with mugs and glasses on them, and they’re fine – I think there are few enough that they get used all the time and washed. The poster who asked if you have enough space without upper cabinets – I do, but it entirely depends on the size of the space and the amount of stuff you have and how much food you tend to store. DesignSponge and other US sites always shock me with how much storage is expected in an American kitchen and especially the ugly oversize fridges – what on earth do you fill them with? Do you genuinely use all the food you cram in there before it goes off?

    • Leila

      Most Americans don’t shop- at least yet- in the European tradition of going to the market every day or two to get fresh produce and food. It’s just not wired into our culture (again, yet…) in the same way. Hence, larger fridges for storing produce and food longer. That said, not every American has that much space. Most of us in big cities are used to tiny kitchens with even smaller storage space.


  • I do wonder if all these beautiful rugs on these kitchen floors don’t get dirty very easily? It seems like a strange place to put a rug if you’ve got easy-to-clean wooden or tiled floors.

  • Love the way the kitchens have been re-designed its looking so much aesthetic now . Like the idea of using white in kitchens as people generally avoid using white because of all the spices and ingredients they use for cooking and its harder to get it cleaned .

  • These kitchens looks awesome! The color combinations brighten up the room and the change of space make the kitchens look like a relaxing and a fun place to dine in. The stone counter tops bring out the room as well.

  • There seems to be a move towards open shelving or glass fronted cabinetry. Both visually lighten the space. It is a good way not to accumulate too much stuff and just keep the special items to put on display.