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Curated Style in a Brooklyn Brownstone

by Lauren Chorpening Day

I think one of the biggest highs for me as a prop and interior stylist is coming across an object that is wonderfully fitting for my set. In these moments I think, “something else would have been fine or good enough, but this glorious object is perfect.” Those finds are rare, but when they happen, it feels like magic or fate was somehow involved. Alyssa and Paul also have a knack for looking for things that will just do, and have instead ended up with the pieces and home of their dreams.

Alyssa, floral designer/owner at Bracken and freelance prop stylist, and Paul Hoppe, Art Director at Local Projects, moved from Los Angeles to Brooklyn a year and a half ago. They wanted to find a brownstone and were lucky enough to find one on a tree-lined street in a great location. “The apartment had just been remodeled when we moved in, so it was great to find something that felt new and clean in a building full of the character of old homes that we love,” Alyssa says. “We didn’t bring much with us when we moved here from Los Angeles. Just a few boxes of clothes and some of the special knick-knacks from places we traveled. All of the furniture and decor pieces we collected here.”

The Hoppes’ great discoveries didn’t stop with their apartment: “One of our best finds was our matching dressers from a salvage store in Brooklyn. We were only looking for one dresser when we came across these two. We liked the design and they were priced at $40 so we decided to take one home. Just before we bought it we noticed the Herman Miller seal on the inside of the top drawer. When we got home we Googled it and found they were designed by George Nelson and retail at $1,700 apiece. We immediately went back and bought the other one and made it work in our living room.”

This home is balanced with neutrals and color, things old and new, purchased and made. The Hoppes have made it into a space that reflects both of them in a beautiful combination. “We always want our home to feel like it’s a part of both of us,” says Alyssa. “We tend to like a lot of the same things but my aesthetic can be a little more rustic and raw while Paul’s is clean-lined and more modern.” Of course, the home of an art director and stylist is this incredibly well done while looking effortless at the same time. The items they have found to bring into their home are as incredible as the space itself. —Lauren

Photography by Kathleen Bly


Living Room
– Grey chair/IKEA
– Shelving System/ We designed and got all the parts from Lowes
– Pillows/ West Elm
– Orange chair/ Brooklyn Flea
– Side table/ found the base at a salvage yard and the marble top is a lazy Susan I found at a thrift store
– Couch/ Macy’s
– Rug/ IKEA
– Dresser/ George Nelson steel frame dresser thrifted at Build it Green in Brooklyn

Dining Area
– Wishbone Chair/ Craigslist
– Industrial Art Chairs/ Craigslist
– Wood Block Tables/ Craigslist
– Lamp/ IKEA
– Large Print/ Photo we took, printed at Kinkos, and attached to a vintage school room map
– Bike Rack/ Barrecrafters

– Bed/ Stockholm Collection at IKEA
– Bedding/ West Elm
– Knotted Wool Pillow- TJ Maxx
– Reading light/ thrift store
– Rug/ thrift store
– Wall hanging/ My work I did for a DIY for Design Love Fest
– Black Dresser/ IKEA
– Wishbone Chair/ Craigslist
– Large standing mirror/ Salvage yard
– Basket/ Jamali
– Curtains/ IKEA

– Hanging system/ IKEA
– Baskets/ Thrifted


Curated Style in a Brooklyn Brownstone | Design*Sponge
Alyssa and Paul's styles blend seamlessly together for a modern look that isn't too cold or vintage, and a rustic feel that isn't too unfinished.
Curated Style in a Brooklyn Brownstone | Design*Sponge
"The small square picture is a photo of my parents' ranch in Montana where we got married," Alyssa says. "My mom planted daisies there and they bloom in June, which is the month we got married."
Curated Style in a Brooklyn Brownstone | Design*Sponge
Paul and Alyssa's apartment is 800 square feet without much storage. "Being a prop stylist and florist, I knew I needed space to house props and vases without it being too messy," says Alyssa. "We decided to design and build the shelving system in our living room and it's been great."
Curated Style in a Brooklyn Brownstone | Design*Sponge
"We started collecting clocks when we travel," says Alyssa. "They are laid out geographically based on a world map and set to the time zone where they are from."
Curated Style in a Brooklyn Brownstone | Design*Sponge
"The Dala horse is from my Swedish grandmother and I’ve been collecting the shells and rocks over the last 15 years," Alyssa says.
Curated Style in a Brooklyn Brownstone | Design*Sponge
"Our kitchen is the most challenging part of our home," Alyssa says. "It's really tiny and narrow. We still cook a lot, but I find myself constantly saying, 'I can't wait for the day I have room to move in my kitchen,' especially after we've dropped a glass, or bowl, or French press full of boiling coffee down Paul's leg."
Curated Style in a Brooklyn Brownstone | Design*Sponge
They found the drawing above the bar cart at an estate sale in San Fransisco.
Curated Style in a Brooklyn Brownstone | Design*Sponge
The perfect mix of styles in the furniture and details in Alyssa and Paul's dining area is completely them.
Curated Style in a Brooklyn Brownstone | Design*Sponge
"We got the plates while we were in Thailand and the large print on the wall is a photo we took of Mount Cook in New Zealand," says Alyssa.
Curated Style in a Brooklyn Brownstone | Design*Sponge
"This is a view looking into our bedroom. The first thing I do when I wake up is pull back the curtains to let the morning light in," Alyssa says.
Curated Style in a Brooklyn Brownstone | Design*Sponge
The bedroom uses texture and subtle patterns to make an impact more than it uses color. The monochromatic palette creates an inviting and calm space.
Curated Style in a Brooklyn Brownstone | Design*Sponge
There is something so fitting about the scale and shape of this wall hanging above the bed. Alyssa uses white linens and bedding to allow the other pieces in the room to stand out.
Curated Style in a Brooklyn Brownstone | Design*Sponge
"We found this IKEA dresser on Craigslist and replaced the knobs with antique wooden ones. We got the large print from the night market in Thailand," says Alyssa.
Curated Style in a Brooklyn Brownstone | Design*Sponge
"I am most thankful for all the light our apartment gets. We are on the top floor, which is really nice and all of our plants have been doing really well. I love having plants in a room to help it feel alive," Alyssa says.
Curated Style in a Brooklyn Brownstone | Design*Sponge
"I am a big scavenger when it comes to putting together our home," Alyssa says. "I try to find a balanced aesthetic of both Paul and me, as well as old and new."
Curated Style in a Brooklyn Brownstone | Design*Sponge
"Anyone that’s traveled with me knows that I can’t help but take home specimens," says Alyssa. "I have journals filled with pressed plants and have recently started framing them."
Curated Style in a Brooklyn Brownstone | Design*Sponge
Layers of loved items can be found throughout their space. In this prop stylist and art director's home, every detail is placed in a spot that will make it stand out and look beautiful with the objects around it.
Curated Style in a Brooklyn Brownstone | Design*Sponge
"This is our half bedroom off the bedroom," says Alyssa. " I used to use it as a studio space, but I recently moved to a real studio and that has been much better. Now it serves as an office and guest room with a desk and a queen size air mattress. Our downstairs neighbors turned theirs into a walk-in closet."
Curated Style in a Brooklyn Brownstone | Design*Sponge

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  • It’s been almost 4 years since we moved to Colorado and I have a VERY large collection of mountain-scapes on my memory card. I love the idea of blowing a few of them up like you’ve done in your living room. Is that an architectural/engineering print? And how did you secure it to the vintage map? Is there another kind of board you can affix these sorts of prints to in lieu of the map? Thanks so much. I love your space! Well done.

    • Hi Batya! It is an architectural/ engineering print we got done at Kinkos. We first attached it using masking tape but then switched to binder clips on either side. You could also use the binder clips and nails to hang the print on the wall in lieu of the map. Hope this helps!

  • This is my favourite home tour EVER. It’s completely different to my style, but it just feels so calm, yet perfectly disordered. THanks for sharing!

  • Hi! I love that the curtains in the bedroom are from IKEA. Are you able to provide the exact style name/number? Thanks so much! I love your home!

  • I was soooo excited to see this because Alyssa was one of our Resident Artists our inn and she was SUCH a delight! I had a great time talking water colors, styling, and design with her (among a bazillion other topics) and it comes as absolutely no surprise that her and Paul’s space is a lovely as they are! Wonderful spot guys.

  • I am wondering the same thing as Batya regarding the photograph in the dining room. What material is it printed on and how is it mounted? Lovely home!

  • As a fellow specimen collector, I would LOVE to know how Alyssa prepped and framed her collection of pressed flora- especially if she used any specific materials!

    This house is dreamy!

  • I love the “nightstands” in the bedroom! Can you tell me where you bought them? Thanks! :)

  • Love this! It feels very relatable to the esthetic that is developing in my own home. Beautiful!!

    I am super interested in the plant above the TV as well, would you happen to know what it is called?