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What I Love Most About My Home Is…

by Garrett Fleming

Pretty soon, my own home will become a part of our Sneak Peek column right here on Design*Sponge. As I began planning how to shoot and prep my house for its feature, I also started to brainstorm how I will capture my, “What I love most about my home is…” photo. Each homeowner is asked to style a handwritten note capturing their answer to accompany their home tour. Touching, creative and beautiful, they add such personal flare to each feature. To get inspired, I started browsing through some past submissions and was so impressed that I’ve rounded up some of the most crafty, gorgeous and personal homeowner notes in this fun gallery. You guys are truly stellar, so consider this a great big “THANK YOU!” to everyone who has been so kind as to let us into their homes. Enjoy! —Garrett

Round Up:
Round Up:
Round Up:
Jon and Nina Hans, "Sneak Peek: Jon & Nina Hans."
Round Up:
Round Up:
Anna Potter, "Anna Potter's Home."
Round Up:
Round Up:
Round Up:
Round Up:
Round Up:
Round Up:
Kelsey Garrity-Riley and Erik Riley, "Rustic Elegance in Savannah."
Round Up:
Round Up:
Jessica Tremp and Michael Madden, "Laid-Back Family Life in the Australian Countryside."
Round Up:
Penelope Dullaghan and her husband Colin, "An Indianapolis Home Designed with Family in Mind."
Round Up:
Alex Yeske and Grant Lipschultz, "Decorating as a Couple in NYC."
Round Up:
Andrew Call and Amy Livingston, "Sneak Peek: Andrew Call + Amy Livingston."
Round Up:
Round Up:
Kate Davison and Jesse Hayes, "Vintage Modern in San Francisco."

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  • More and more I’ve noticed that design sponge is less about the homes it showcases and more about the people in those homes (and businesses too) while still showing us wonderful homes. I like that.

  • Of all the articles and posts that I have followed on Design Sponge over the past 4 years ( gee that long already) are the home tours. I absolutely look forward to it – and naturally – the Before and After tours as well. I am so glad you put this collection of images together. It tells of the individual, collective, wonderful creativity in these folk and their homes. Yummy! thanks.

  • Thank you for sharing these! I’ve noticed the same as Sunshine; the appeal of DS is that as well as being treated to some of the most considerate interior photography, we really get to know the characters behind the spaces. Can’t wait to see your new home Grace!

  • Hi Guys!
    I am so happy you enjoyed this round up. It was our little way of showing some gratitude to the amazing homeowners that we get to work with.


  • What a great idea! I think we so often forget about why we fell in love with our homes in the first place when they get run over by clutter and the noise of every day life. It’s motivating to think about what you love becasue then you might make a renewed effort to delight in it (and keep the place picked up :-)

  • You know that the seasons are the part of life, are most of all the reasons we shout for changes. Wether the out side world on a whole, or mainly the confines of our HOME,
    Spring shouts in us to decorate after the dark/cold nights of winter.
    Summer shouts to bring the outside in and the inside out by throwing everything open. The Autumn shouts for long snug walks.
    And around comes the winter again shouting to de lutes our homes, only to find when spring comes shouting we find the things we need to get going again we have thrown away,

  • Much thanks to you for sharing these! I think,it is a great idea of design sponge. I am totally anticipate it and I am so happy you put this gathering of pictures together.