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Free Pattern Download from Kelsey Oseid: Day 4!

by Grace Bonney

I’ve developed a love/hate relationship with deer after moving upstate. I will never tire of seeing our local deer families make their twice-daily commute behind our house, but I am tired of (but get used to) the constant checking we have to do on the pets and ourselves because of the the ticks they bring. So while I think they’re the most beautiful creatures around, I like to keep a safe distance. Thankfully, one of Kelsey Oseid’s patterns for this week is dedicated to a form of deer I can feel 100% safe with: a 2-D print form. I love these little hand-drawn deer so much and hope all of you will, too. Click below to download today’s pattern! xo, grace

Download Day 4 of Kelsey’s Patterns (Fawns) right here!

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  • Beautiful pattern! I’m enjoying this series very much. But, the common term “deer tick” is rather a misnomer — the ticks that carry Lyme are happy to feed on just about any mammal. The biggest threat you face from your neighborhood deer: they’ll treat your flower beds and gardens like their very own salad bar. To protect yourselves, seal any little gaps and crevices in your home that mice can burrow through. Don’t keep shrubbery / tall grasses / leaves / anything that retains moisture right up against the house. Good luck and thanks for the beauty!

  • I love this so much! I would really love to use this as a background on my iPhone but when I click the download link, it won’t allow me to open it on my phone. Any suggestions? Thank you for this awesome freebie!

    • hi katie!

      what are you using to view/download? this will only work on a desktop to download first, then you can save and email to yourself :)

      if it’s not working on your desktop, can you tell me what browser and version you’re using and what type of computer? we’ll test for you to find out what’s going on.


  • This is so beautiful. Does “free” mean I can turn it into wallpaper for my kids’ bathroom?