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DIY Painted Cat Nails

by Grace Bonney

9 Final Opt1
I’ve always been someone who shied away from trends and “must-haves” from the fashion and beauty world. Mainly because they tend to be expensive or designed for someone that looks very different than I do (ie: long skinny fingers for stacking rings, thick blond hair for beachy waves). So when I heard from one of our Brooklyn friends, nail artist Jessica Washick, about doing another DIY nail tutorial, I had a request: can we do something for those of us with short nails? All of the gorgeous nail art I see popping up in Instagram feeds around the world seems to be modeled solely on people with mega-long (to me, anyway) nails, so I asked Jessica if we could do something fun with short nails in mind. And she came back with a winner: black and white cat nails!

Jessica explained that, with short nails, “you’ll want to focus on the base of the nail. This enhances the length that you have and the nail art will look neat no matter how short your nails are!” I’m miles away from anything resembling a nail salon these days, so I’m excited to try this DIY at home over the weekend. Turk needs to know that despite being a 2-dog family now, he’s still our main man. Click through to see the full how-to and follow more of Jessica’s creative nail tutorials on Instagram right here. xo, grace

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What You’ll Need (These are just the colors I used — you can choose your own brands or colors if you’d like to change it up):

-Basecoat: Deborah Lippmann’s “Turn Back Time”
-Black nail polish: FormulaX “Dark Matter”
-White polish: Deborah Lippmann’s “Amazing Grace”
-Topcoat: Seche Vite
-Striping brush


Step 1: Paint a basecoat.

2 Basecoat
3 Step 1

Step 2: Using a striping brush and black polish, paint a large half moon on your nail.

4 Step 2

Step 3: Add little triangles at the top.

5 Step 3

Step 4: Switch colors to your white nail polish, and add whites on the ears and tiny half moons inside the large half moon. These will be the whites of the eyes.

6 Step4

Step 5: Using black polish, paint black inside the whites of the eyes. Finish with a topcoat.

7 Final 3
8 Final opt2

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