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DIY Gold Foil Confetti Pillow

by Francesca Stone

Gold foil confetti cushion 17
Gold foil confetti cushion
Cushions and pillows are some of my favorite interior decor items to DIY for many reasons. I always feel like the details give the room its personality, so I regularly change up the smaller elements, like soft furnishings and artwork. It’s an easy way to update and refresh a room. Another reason I enjoy updating pillow covers is because they are a blank canvas to unleash your imagination onto. You can paint, sew, weave, quilt, bead, tassel, print, knit or crochet (and the list goes on) any design you like! Mix patterns with more patterns or with block colors or monochrome grids. And perhaps the best of all — add a little shine to any room with this DIY gold foil confetti design. —Fran

Gold foil confetti cushion


Gold foil confetti cushion


1. Cut the gold foil into thin strips and then cut those strips into small rectangular sections. You’ll probably need around 4-5 strips to cover the triangle on a large pillow and remember, you can always cut out more if you need them.

Gold foil confetti cushion Gold foil confetti cushion

2. Lay the pillow cover down on a hard surface using a cotton sheet or pillowcase to protect the surface. Iron both to create a completely flat surface to work on.

Gold foil confetti cushion

3. Tape out your triangle design using the masking tape. Your design will be contained within the tape, so bear this in mind when you’re deciding on the size.

Gold foil confetti cushion

4. Lay out the confetti in random angles within the triangle. Try to keep them evenly spaced. Place them all the way to the edge to keep the triangle shape even.

Gold foil confetti cushion Gold foil confetti cushion

5. The foil comes with a piece of parchment paper — carefully lay this over the foil confetti. Heat your iron to the hottest cotton setting and press over the parchment, moving in small circles for 30 seconds.

Gold foil confetti cushion Gold foil confetti cushion

6. Move the parchment and iron again until all of your confetti is sealed down. Try to ensure no confetti is covering the masking tape when you iron over them.

Gold foil confetti cushion

7. Peel off all the masking tape.

Gold foil confetti cushion Gold foil confetti cushion

8. Once the foil has cooled, peel off the glossy, protective sheet from each confetti piece to create a smooth, washable surface.

Gold foil confetti cushion

I love this as a statement pillow, and I’m not the only one! My rabbit decided to photo-bomb the pictures as I was taking these images. I like to think it’s because she loves it, too!

Gold foil confetti cushion Gold foil confetti cushion Gold foil confetti cushion Gold foil confetti cushion Gold foil confetti cushion

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  • The bigger question here is… how do you have a rabbit and a white couch in the same house with all that fur??? Cute pillows though!

    • YES! Although she doesn’t shed very much but she does drag hay all over the house every day. I spend half my day picking up after her ;) Thanks

  • Pillow upstaged by drop dead adorable bunny…oh my. Nice how the bunny ears V echoes the triangular design on the pillow though.

  • And here I thought I was going to the first/or only one to comment about the adorable bunny. Silly (‘wabbit’) me!
    Soooo cute!
    By the way, I really like the pillow idea, but I’ll have to try that idea with a color other than white as I have two near-black cats and a black Lab dog. Perhaps a black pillow – with gold foil design – awesome!
    Thanks for posting! :)

  • Thanks for the fun DIY! It turned out so nicely!

    And oh my god your bunny… she is so adorable!

    Nina xo | littlepinkcactus.blogspot.com

  • Cool DIY. Thank you.

    Cooler still is that you have a bunny! Yay! Adorabun!

    Adopt, Don’t Shop. Anyone who sees your bun here will want to learn all they can before adopting a house rabbit— please check out http://www.rabbit.org

  • Love the pillow (I’m looking forward to trying this), the bunny (!), and your nails! What color polish do you have on?