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The Golden Carrot in Hoboken

by Grace Bonney

Have you ever walked into a store and said to yourself, “I could totally live here?” I feel like I say that every now and then, and after seeing these amazing photos of The Golden Carrot, I’m pretty sure I’ve found my retail home.

Founded by Nicky Corriher, The Golden Carrot is a brand new (opening Friday, May 1st!) jewelry shop in Hoboken, New Jersey. Designed by prop and soft goods stylist Kate Jordan, the interior is a dreamlike space with soft pink walls, botanical screen print frames, a beautifully edited (and displayed) collection of vintage memorabilia and the sort of luxurious details (like velvet curtains and comfy armchairs) that make you want to sit and stay a while. Nicky and Kate have been working together since January to design and open the shop — Nicky said she wanted it to feel like the “bedroom of [my] dreams” — and this Friday it will open to the public for the first time. I’m tempted to hop in the car and drive down myself, as this is basically all of my dream home elements in one space. The exposed antique brick, textured pink plaster walls, brass detailing and botanical elements are my soft spots, so this store is on my summer travel list for sure. If you’re lucky enough to be near Hoboken this weekend, be sure to visit in person or check out the website to browse online. Thanks so much to Kate and Nicky for sharing this beautiful space with us. Read on for more photographs and a peek at their cuter-than-ever gold bunny logo. xo, grace

All photographs by Nicole Franzen


One side of the shop has beautifully textured soft pink plaster walls. These screen print frames depicting floral silhouettes are the perfect offset to such subtle walls and soft color. "For some reason the name, The Golden Carrot, instantly made me think of the illustrations in a Beatrix Potter storybook," Nicky says. "I envisioned a space that had a soft, enchanting innocence to it, and I wanted people to feel transported when they stepped inside."
A wider view of the same wall, this side of the shop uses simple white cases to house delicate jewelry and the tiny bit of brass in the wall sconce is a nice modern and minimal contrast to the elegance of the other design details.
The Golden Carrot's exterior is a soft blue grey, offset by a beautiful golden rabbit logo, designed by David Chanpong.
A single white pedestal acts as a welcoming display piece for jewelry, flowers and other decorative details. "Every little corner, every case, every display inspires a moment, and tells a story. I instantly feel transported when I step inside the space - Like diving into your favorite book. This book reads of romance, discovery, and intrigue, and I so hope that people find that The Golden Carrot is a place that they can retreat, relax and enjoy the beauty," Nicky says.
A soft, silvery-green velvet curtain provides a backdrop for a grey upholstered chair, perfect for sitting and pondering purchases or big moments (engagement ring shopping, perhaps?).
This corner vignette uses an industrial metal cart and plants to offset the business workings of the shop - hidden inside a wood-covered iPad case.
A shelf displays vintage odds and ends in addition to jewelry below.
Nicky's collection of antique bottles, books and prints is displayed perfectly, thanks to Kate's great eye.
Color and design inspiration displayed on the table. Echoes of soft pink tie small moments like this into the larger color scheme of the store.
Rings and other jewelry for sale, on display in modern porcelain trays.
A white bunny, inspired by the shop's namesake, keeps watch over the jewelry cases.
Owner Nicky Corriher is ready to welcome guests into The Golden Carrot this Friday, May 1st!

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  • This space is stunning! I totally get the Beatrix Potter vibe—a slightly more boho Beatrix.

    Thanks for sharing!

    P.S. Where do those simple brass sconces come from? (You can see one in slide 2 above the case, and one in slide 4 above the plant.) They’re lovely.

  • I could totally live there too! I love the peach-pink walls. I’m actually in the middle of painting the bedroom that color. The color palette is perfect.

  • Gorgeous shop, love her concept and merchandise displays. I also really like to see shops, please share more in the future. I think great shops often run at the front end of design trends and can offer so much inspiration too!

  • Nicky,your taste is exquisite,and effortless.
    Hoboken now has a reason for me to stop before going through the tunnel,and on to NYC.
    Bonne Chance!

  • I love the idea of hanging screens as art! I don’t think I would have thought of that and it’s such a lovely idea.

  • I just stopped in on Friday, what a beeeeeeeaauutiful store!
    I wanted to have a martini and stay awhile, I felt like I was in my friends living room. I loved the initial necklaces, and when I told the shop girl, (sorry I don’t remember her name, she could’ve been the owner) she said they had a wish list I could fill out for my hub. How thoughtful. Such a beautiful store, I can’t wait to buy presents in the future.

  • I stopped by this place a few days ago (I live in Hoboken) and couldn’t be more in love. Everything they have is gorgeous. So happy to have this new place in town!

  • Bravo Nicky and Kate, you’ve got me totally fangirling! I have lived in Hoboken for 2 years now, and as a designer, am so so pleased to see (slowly but surely) more design savvy and sophisticated shops like the Golden Carrot line our streets. I wandered through the store on a whim the other week and fell in love instantly. Aside from the thoughtfully placed vignettes and subtle touches of casual elegance, the actual product the Golden Carrot provides is completely unique to the Hoboken market. Upscale, minimal, elegant and feminine jewelry, truly a beautiful shopping experience.

  • What a beautiful space!
    Kate and Nicky’s work comes together perfectly.

    How I wish I could go to see it in person in Hoboken!

  • I love the touches to the décor. AS an artist that loves to paint abstracts and florals, I love the soft touches of color and the simple floral components. Too bad I just moved from NJ otherwise I would have loved to visit the new store.