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Studio Tour: Loyal Supply Co.

by Grace Bonney

Growing up, I thought tool sheds and workshops were pretty magical spaces. There was something about all of those neatly organized tools on pegboards that felt like the key to infinite possibilities. Learning to use each and every one of them was (and still is) a goal of mine and when we moved upstate, Julia utilized existing pegboards in the garage to create the beginnings of our own little workshop wonderland. Kimberly LaFoy and Ryan Habbyshaw of Loyal Supply Co. share our affinity for pegboard workshops so much that they used that classic organizational tool as inspiration for their design store and studio in Somerville, MA.

Working together with Mark Lewis from Unlikely Creatures, Kim and Ryan set out to create a space that functioned like a classic machine shop, with their large printing press at the center of the room, surrounded by smaller tools and functional home and office goods. I love the combination of “for work” and “for play” goods that they carry, and it turns out the curation of the shop was inspired by the owners’ own personal goals: “We work hard, but we also value our time away from the office. So our collection reflects that notion, offering the required materials to literally go fly a kite. Our compilation of items is always evolving, changing with seasons, needs and community interests.”

In addition to Loyal Supply Co.’s retail space, they have a workshop downstairs that acts as the production space for the prototyping and producing of all of their in-house product designs. Upstairs is the company office where Kim and Ryan research and design their goods. Now that I’m away from the “big city,” I find myself really appreciating stores like this that combine form and function well. This fusion makes the drive to visit feel worthwhile and, if you’re not in the Boston area, definitely worth a visit to their new online shop. Today, Kim and Ryan are taking us on a virtual tour of their shop for anyone who can’t visit in person. I know I’m going to be looking at pegboards much differently after this tour — it makes me want to line all our walls with this so we can create impromptu shelving anywhere we want. Thanks so much to Loyal Supply Co. and Joyelle West for sharing this tour with us today! xo, grace

All photography by Joyelle West

Studio Tour: Loyal Supply Co. on Design*Sponge
"Loyal Supply Co. is our workshop and store, it's also our place to design, create, and provide our community with goods and services", Kim explains. The shop opened in November of 2014 in the Union Square area of Somerville, Massachusetts.
Studio Tour: Loyal Supply Co. on Design*Sponge
The focal point of the shop is Loyal Supply Co.'s 1911 Chandler & Price printing press. Kim and Ryan restored and rebuilt the press themselves and love the way it transforms their 300 square feet of retail space from store to workshop. The press is currently used mainly as a letterpress studio, and Kim and Ryan hope to configure it to teach classes in the future.
Studio Tour: Loyal Supply Co. on Design*Sponge
Kim, Ryan and their dog, Huckleberry.
Studio Tour: Loyal Supply Co. on Design*Sponge
The pegboard design is an update to the tool storage methods so many of us grew up seeing in our family's garages and tool sheds. Kim says, "The diagonal pattern of the large-scale holes routed in baltic birch bring texture and order to the walls wrapping the space. Oak dowels can be set and reset, allowing for shifting themes and new merchandise. "
Studio Tour: Loyal Supply Co. on Design*Sponge
A detail of the shop's shelves, which contain a mix of fun and functional objects, as well as plants.
Studio Tour: Loyal Supply Co. on Design*Sponge
Small, everyday goods for sale.
Studio Tour: Loyal Supply Co. on Design*Sponge
Kim and Ryan make sure to let visitors know about the people who make the products in their shop. "We admire not only the products we offer, but the people who make them. We believe that behind every great product is an even better workshop," Kim says.
Studio Tour: Loyal Supply Co. on Design*Sponge
A colorful array of pens for sale.
Studio Tour: Loyal Supply Co. on Design*Sponge
Desktop accessories for sale, as well as in-house designed leather goods from Loyal Supply Co.
Studio Tour: Loyal Supply Co. on Design*Sponge
The pegboard wall has not only retail applications, but residential as well. The small pegs are perfect for hanging plants and shelves for dishware, blankets, and retail goods.
Studio Tour: Loyal Supply Co. on Design*Sponge
A close-up of the workshop's printing press.
Studio Tour: Loyal Supply Co. on Design*Sponge
Kim at work on the press.
Studio Tour: Loyal Supply Co. on Design*Sponge
Huckleberry heads downstairs to greet shoppers.
Studio Tour: Loyal Supply Co. on Design*Sponge
Branding work that Kim and Ryan designed for Loyal Supply Co.

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  • beautiful space! Instant obsession with that pegboard idea. Do you know if that kind of pegboard can be find in hardware stores or needs to be custom made? It is brilliant!

  • Love the pegboards so much! This has convinced me to add some in the kitchen. I plan on painting them with chalkboard paint first. Wish I could stay up all night and get started.

  • wow, this space is awesome. very inspirational! really love how the pegboards allow so much freedom to change the design around.

  • Wow, talk about an inspiring place to work!

    I love how they have repurposed such a backyard shed material to add character to their shop. As for the shop itself, it seems as if I’m going to have to fork some hard earned over!

  • I live in Somerville and was delighted to stumble upon this great little shop last time I was in Union Sq. It’s such a great addition to the neighborhood and greater Boston. There are so many wonderful treasures to peruse, and as an aspiring graphic designer, I was excited to see the printing press and the wonderfully curated selection of design tools and supplies. It’s a great little shop that I will be visiting many, many times!