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DIY Bamboo Branch Starburst Mirror

by Francesca Stone

Bamboo Mirror Frame 12
I love it when I see bloggers embrace, champion and even create trends happening in interior design. Over the past few years, the ideas on DIY blogs have been heading towards using interesting and accessible materials to create home accessories. This is a shift that seems to be moving from using bold copper and smooth concrete to repurposing salvaged, textural substances such as clay and wood.

Bamboo Mirror Frame 13
Starburst mirrors are nothing new, but this is my twist on a classic for 2015. In homes of all shapes and sizes an outdoor influence has crept its way inside. This can be anything from gathered driftwood on a shelf to tea lights made from drilled branches. To create an interesting room, texture is key, as is a minimal aesthetic using decorative focal points. The materials shouldn’t be over-treated or polished, rather left natural with a raw finish. Bamboo is the perfect wood for this project. Straight and smooth, but with an earthy surface tone and easy to work with. Alternatively, you can make this mirror project even more natural by collecting twigs and branches for the mirror frame instead. —Fran

Bamboo Mirror Frame 61


  • Circle mirror
  • Bamboo/branches
  • Contact adhesive/glass adhesive
  • Hack saw
  • Clamp/vice


1. Measure and mark the wooden sticks in 7″ lengths. Place them in the vice and saw through each at these points.

Bamboo Mirror Frame 1

2. Continue to do this until you have enough to cover the entire edge of the frame.

Bamboo Mirror Frame 2

3. Clean the mirror and spread glue along a quarter section of the edge. Place the cut branches along this section, spreading them evenly between the first and last, which should be perpendicular to each other.

Bamboo Mirror Frame 71 Bamboo Mirror Frame 4

Bamboo Mirror Frame 5

4. Continue around the mirror this way. I like to leave a small gap that lets me turn the mirror while the glue is drying. Each layer of glue needs 24 hours to set solid, so doing it this way will take a little longer, but if you’re careful it should mean no accidental breakages halfway through!

Bamboo Mirror Frame 3

5. Once the glue is dry, turn the mirror over and glue 1-inch pieces of the branches in between each of the longer lengths of bamboo. This gives the mirror extra strength. Continue all the way around and leave to dry. You don’t have to use the glass adhesive for this, but I’ve found it works well with the shiny surface of the bamboo. Turn the mirror back over and repeat the steps to fill in the final gap.

Bamboo Mirror Frame 8

Bamboo Mirror Frame 10

Once the glue has fully dried the mirror is ready to hang!

Bamboo Mirror Frame 15 Bamboo Mirror Frame 11 Bamboo Mirror Frame 14 Bamboo Mirror Frame 9

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  • This is so pretty and classically simple. I love the organic feel to this entire room actually! So refreshing amongst the whole “modern trend” going on.

    xx, Mel

    • Michelle

      Starburst mirrors are a timeless design piece, not rooted in any particular year. I really love your take on it, as well as Teri’s here. It’s always nice to see a spin on something classic. (A bit on the history of the mirrors here)


  • I used the same method with chopsticks- but I used a large circular mirror. It ended up being about 40 inches in diameter, which was great for my large wall. A really fun affordable project.

  • Great doable project. I’ve made a few different starburst mirrors and clocks. To keep a perfect circle of mirror in the middle,I put down a plate and glue my objects around it. I can’t get that clean line otherwise.

    • Thanks for that great tip Mindy! I’ll remember that for my next mirror.

      • Hi Fran!! Can I ask what size of mirror you used here? I just bought my bamboo sticks from Michaels. Can’t wait to get started :) Thanks for this awesome tutorial!

  • I love it…and need one…Now I just hope I can pull it off! Thanks for the elaborate post so that there’s no guessing involved!

  • We are going to have to borrow this idea, if you don’t mind;) Starburst mirrors have been catching my eye lately, you know how you do a double take? Green Dean is Mr. Sustainability so we are loving the natural bamboo! Great job!

  • I made this and it turned out great! I got the bamboo from Home Depot in 6 ft poles, worked PERFECTLY. Instead of glass glue I used a glue gun, which worked very well, the only annoying thing was the stringiness of it–but it dried fast and I was able to complete the whole thing in about an hour (with the help of an electric saw). The mirror I used was 6″ diameter, and with the 7″ bamboo sticks it was spot on! Thanks so much for posting this and I hope my comment helps others trying this diy as well!

  • I live right next door in Jamaica where a lot of bamboos are grown. Going to definitely try this idea. It’s beautiful!