Dispatches from Japan: Day 2

by Grace Bonney

All week artist Ayumi Horie is joining us for a special morning guest series from her vacation in Japan. Ayumi and her fiancée traveled to Japan for cherry blossom season and this week she’s sharing photos from her trip, including some special moments like these today. Above are bunches of senzaburu, one thousand origami cranes, hanging at Azumamaro Jinja. They’re thought to give makers eternal good luck or one wish.

Above, Ayumi was able to walk right up to a herd of deer in Nara Park. They’re so used to humans (human presence = deer crackers and treats) that they are unfazed by visitors.

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  • The photo of the deer really brings me back to my time in Japan! Kyoto and Nara have to be two of the most peaceful places I’ve ever visited.

  • The first photo is beautiful with all of the colors. Stunning. In the second, its amazing how many deer there are, and that they aren’t even phased by human presence! Beautiful photos.


  • I am loving this photo series. It’s helping me build excitement for my upcoming trip to Osaka/Tokyo/Kyoto in May. Thanks for sharing them!

  • I just got back from our trip to Japan yesterday and feel like we did exactly ththe same things! Ayumni has captured everything amazingly! I wish our photos looked this good!!