Dispatches from Japan: Ayumi Horie Guest Series

by Grace Bonney

It has always been a dream of mine to visit Japan, especially during cherry blossom season. Since a big vacation isn’t in my budget plans for a while, I was excited to hear that one of my favorite atrists, Ayumi Horie, would be visiting Japan for sakura season. I’ve long admired Ayumi’s pottery, but I also love the gorgeous photographs she takes and shares on her Instagram feed. So when she offered to take photos during her trip and share them here with us, I jumped at the chance for a little virtual morning vacation. So all this week, Ayumi will be sharing photos from Japan and letting us peek inside some of the amazing moments she captured, from lush, blooming cherry trees to deer sleeping at night under a pink sky. Thanks to Ayumi for sharing her trip with us this week and a BIG congrats on her engagement during the trip! xo, grace

Image above: Classic cherry blossoms in Shunjuku-gyoen in Tokyo.

Image above: Looking across the moat, cherry trees on the Imperial grounds bend down toward the water.

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  • OH this is awesome! I love Cherry Blossoms! I was so tempted to go to the Cherry Blossom Festival this year in DC, but decided against it. This definitely eases the pain of my decision! LOL So beautiful…Thanks Ayumi and Grace :)

  • What a wonderful way to live vicariously… <3

    Thank you Design*Sponge and Ayumi Horie for sharing.

    Olivia Reagan
    Instagram: Olivia_Reagan

  • My husband and I went to Japan this month last year for our honeymoon. It was so romantic to be there during Sakura season, and this spring my heart aches to be back there under those blossoms. Such a special thing, I encourage everyone to put it at the top of their travel agenda!