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15 Pies for Pi Day!

by Grace Bonney

Our fearless food & drink leader, Kristina, is out this week working on her cookbook (!!), so I’m filling in for her recipe column today. She’d probably prefer that I focus on something healthy, but because tomorrow is national Pi Day I thought I’d take the chance to embrace the Pi/Pie homophone and share my all-time favorite pie recipes! From chocolate chess pies to banoffee, citrus and shaker pies, there is something here for everyone. I’ve also included helpful recipes for making your own pie crust and gluten-free recipes for anyone who can’t have that on their menu. xo, grace

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Chocolate isn't for everyone, so this Blackberry and Balsamic pie is perfect for anyone who prefers their pies on the tart side.
I'm 33 and still have never made a pie from scratch, but if I ever do, I'll be using Ashley English's recipe for "perfect pie dough", from her book, A Year of Pies.
Ed Kimber's recipe for chocolate & amaretto pudding pie is probably the only thing that rivals the pies I remember my Grandma Nita making. Any recipe with chocolate and pudding is a winner in my book.
Cheryl Day is my favorite baker in the world, hands down. Her recipe for Chocolate Chess Pie is both delicious and wonderfully nostalgic. It reminds me of something you'd get in your grandparents' kitchen and is that wonderful mix of decadent and light, thanks to a fluffy dollop of whipped cream.
Shaker Citrus pie was new to me until this recipe and now it's one of my favorite things to track down in New England. It's creamy but still has such a bright taste from the citrus.
Fried apple pies with caramel glaze? Sign me up. This recipe comes complete with adorable illustrations.
Banoffee pie is a British favorite and it combines dulce de leche and banana for a truly delicious end product. Drizzle a little chocolate on top if you want to really send this over the top.
This Chestnut Cream Pie recipe comes straight from a west coast pie guru at The PieTisserie. Her recipe includes a how-to video if you need some extra instruction.
Peach pies are synonymous with summer to me and few things could be better than that. But when you make them small and handheld? That's the best. These portable peach hand pies from Back in the Day Bakery are delicious.
The holidays may be over, but it's never too late for sweet potato - or sweet potato pie - in my book. This recipe is GLUTEN-FREE for anyone who needs a recipe in that category.
This lemon merengue pie is a classic - and was the only one I would eat when I was little. My family always made chocolate pies with nuts (not my favorite when I was a kid) so I always went for the lemon. And if you're making this recipe, you can't go wrong.
Speaking of portable pies, these mini chocolate hazelnut pies are a great idea for picnics and any other occasion when something handheld is easier.
I'm pretty sure I could eat my body weight in Boston Cream Pie. I didn't try this until I was in college and I'm 90% sure it's single-handedly responsible for my freshman 15. But it was worth it.
Okay, I had to throw in ONE savory pie for anyone who isn't a sweets person (that always makes me so sad). Even though they're not a dessert pie, these Zucchini and Mushroom pies from Bill from The Pie Truck are DELICIOUS. They're great for taking on the go because they're muffin-sized and pack well for lunch on road!
Last but not least, if you prefer your calories in the form of drinks, not desserts, Lara Ferroni's Apple Pie cocktail with cinnamon meringue toppers is for you.

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